George Hill Kills the Blazers: 37 Points, 9 Rebs, 8 Assists

George Hill scored a career-high 37 points last night in a 118-113 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. His previous high was 30. In 38 minutes, Hill was 12-of-19 from the field, 11-of-12 at the line while adding nine rebounds and eight assists. Indiana needed a heavy scoring punch with Paul George laying an egg on offense, and Hill was up to the challenged, recording an array of impressive numbers.

Here’s his shot chart:

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 7.30.55 AM

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  • DonovanCurtisPadgett

    Backpack attack!!

  • Ian

    Where’s all the ‘George Hill is overpaid’ people?

    • Derek Cooper

      Here I am. _and here I’m not_ actually I’m in the middle on this issue. For the role we usually have hill playing (hit open threes, play D, dribble sometimes) I do think he’s overpaid. However i think if used differently he could easily overperform his contract. Id like to see he and wests minutes staggered more with the reserves and play thru them more__with watson and granger(that’s right at the pf spot) staggered more with the starters__watson fills the role of spot up shooting play D and dribble some just fine but hill is able to attack+ create for others with the reserves. Granger as a stretch 4 on the court with hibbert makes space for hibbert inside__and I really do think we should go to roy more_ especially in this set up. Simple as this sounds I think it could help the offense a lot. Also wish granger would almost never make a 1 on 1 move except in the post occaisionally. And wish paul would only take crazy difficult shots when he’s on fire. Reallly we should play thru lance more and paul less since he’s a better passer__granger at the pf would benifit lance also. Ppl critisize lances crazy turnovers but his assist/turnover ratio isn’t bad_and hey with grang spacing the floor out more…..

      • Derek Cooper

        To put it another way: starters: 1.GH 2.LaS 3.PG 4.DW 5.RH __subs stagger to 1.W 2.LaS 3.PG 4.DG 5.RH __unit plays thru roy 1st option, lance 2nd, paul 3rd, watson+danny space the court play off the others. Then subs stagger to 1.GH 2.RB 3.DG 4.DW 5.LuS / IaM __unit plays thru Hill 1st option, West 1st(what its a tie…) and maybe Scola in the post as a 3rd option when he’s in. But mostly thru West+Hill+ others play off of them. ___I read something today about the pacers maybe looking for a bench scorer on the trade market_ well um if we’d just stagger our rotations differently our scoring potential of the players we have could be better unleashed.

        • Jamie Rehmel

          Yes because clearly what you want to do is weaken the starting lineup in favor of a stronger bench. You should definitely have Bird’s job, clearly he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

          • Derek Cooper

            I meant keeping the same starters just changing up the rotation. And the rotation is vogels job. I love vogel and think he’s a better coach than id be_ especially his people skills are awesome and I think that’s hugely important for his job. I just have a different opinion on the rotation_ could be right _could be wrong_ but that’s what I think.

          • Derek Cooper

            Sidenote: pacers offensive efficientcy is ranked 18 out of 30 teams. With other teams like oklahoma, etc right close to us record wise_ the offense should be looked at. Its not like its so good don’t tinker_ our offense has problems.

          • Derek Cooper

            Also coach popavich in san antonio_who has won several championships there__ has for several years had manu ginobli come off the bench. He’s started less talented players ahead of him so that thru the course of a game he can play thru him more often. That’s a fact whether I’m an amateur or not :)

      • Jamie Rehmel

        So… whether or not Hill is overpaid is contingent not on his ability but on his statistics. Rock solid logic. In other words, if Hill was on a bad team he’d be worth his contract but since he is on a very good team he isn’t. Yet… you cannot have a really good team without high quality players that demand higher contracts. Furthermore, because we have players like Hill we are able to overcome other players having off nights or injury and thus preserve the win percentage.

        • Derek Cooper

          Yea its like next year the luxery tax threshold is projected to be about 75 mil. As a small market team our owner says we cant go past that mark. G Hill will make 8/75 of our player salary next yr. For that slice of pie($) its helpful to get as much defensive and offensive production from hill as we can _in a way that fits with and enhances our other players.___I believe we are unnecessarily leaving Hills ability to attack and produce points+assists untapped.

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