Marc Stein: Paul George in 2014 All-Star Dunk Contest

According to Marc Stein of ESPN the Pacers phenomenal dunker Paul George will take part in this year’s All-Star Dunk Contest. This is PG’s second dunk contest after he competed in 2012 with a dunk over two teammates and also hit this 360° dunk in the dark but finished behind eventual winner Jeremy Evans.

According to the ESPN report George, John Wall, Damian Lillard, Harrison Barnes and Ben McLemore will taking on defending champion Terrence Ross in the contest.
This year the NBA will debut a new format for the contest involving a team format and head-to-head battles that is explained here.

We know PG can throw it down in games, but what is he going to have to do to win the dunk contest this year? Roy Hibbert has an idea…


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  • Realist

    Nice, but he already got screwed over once before. I wouldn’t have bothered.

    Good luck to him of course.

    • poot

      are you quoting LeBron there, Realist?

      “I would participate in the dunk contest, but I’d just get screwed over by the judges. I don’t want ‘dunk contest loser’ on my list of career accomplishments***, when everyone knows I am the greatest dunker of all time. Why bother?”

      I love Paul for doing this, and I WOULD have bothered. With great power, comes great responsibility. PG got the 3rd most votes for the ASG. He has clearly catapulted himself into being one of the most popular players in the league, an ambassador for the NBA. The dunk contest is considered a joke for one main reason: the stars don’t participate. Take us back to the days of MJ, Dominque, or even Kobe and VC. This is what the people want. And PG is delivering. Win or lose, he is doing something great for the dunk contest, AllStar weekend, and the NBA on the whole. He is the man. He’s going to show us some nice creative dunks, and maybe even win (since fan voting is a big part of this now, I imagine he will get a lot of “default” votes regardless of his dunks) but even if he does not win, what does he lose? Will anyone think of him as less of a dunker? Will his in-game dunk against the Clippers suddenly be marginalized because he couldn’t pull off something even better for the contest?
      The only people who think that way are so narcissistic they can’t even look in the mirror for fear they will find they aren’t perfect… perhaps they can’t take off their headband for fear they will realize they are balding.

      Reggie lost many a 3 point contest. Is his legacy as one of the greatest, most clutch 3 point shooters of all time tarnished? Does anyone think winners like Quentin Richardson are better than Reggie???

      The fact that he is willing to put himself on the line says so much about him. The love of competition means having a willingness to accept the possibility of defeat. For a guy who “loves to compete” as much as LeBron, he sure is afraid of losing. He’d rather give up, or not compete at all, than to lose. I think those are the most pathetic types of people in this world. Not to mention hypocritical. Paul embodies everything I love about basketball and the NBA. I am so lucky that he is on my favorite team, because I would have been a huge fan regardless where he was drafted. Can’t wait to see him represent the PACERS



      ***- among this list of career accomplishments (that instantly come to mind) includes his famous “giving up” against Boston game, airballing the potential game-winner in game 1 against the Bulls, getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford and demanding all copies of the video be destroyed, his famous 4th quarters against the Mavs in 2011, the decision, exploiting the old CBA to team up with Wade/Bosh, “gloria West”, and constantly being thrown to the ground (not flopping) by guys half his size…. i’m sure no one will remember any of those and only how great he is.

      • Realist

        No, I just meant the voting system sucks and I wish they’d straighten it out a bit (maybe they have, I dunno).

        He was clearly the best dunker last time.

        The year Blake won, I didn’t even think he should’ve been in the final (DeRozan and Serge for mine).

        Lebron did once say “pencil me in for the dunk contest next year” or something like that, one ASW, but no, I wasn’t quoting him or anything.

        But I agree with you, totally.

        • Realist
        • poot

          fair enough, the multiple dunk attempts are ludicrous and you do bring up a good point, one of my first thoughts about Birdman anderson is not his crack addition or kiddie porn collection or trying to get tough with psycho-T, but rather that it took him 74 tries to complete a relatively pedestrian dunk… and that he was ALLOWED to do so. Same thing last year with Gerald Green and his no net double dunk, it was pathetic and when he completed it, the reaction was a yawn.

          Since the NBA hasn’t changed the rules and capped the attempt limit yet, maybe guys like PG can show the way. I really dont see him going out there and missing the same dunk over and over. he was pretty on point in the last event, got the over Roy and Tron dunks on the first try. if Paul sets the bar high, the bar will remain high.

          • Josh Strouth

            They should have some sort of system that docks points for every missed attempt. It’s just stupid that someone can miss a dunk 10+ times before finally completing it and end up scoring higher than somebody else who successfully completed a slightly less impressive dunk on their first try.

    • Philip Tarrant

      Yeah, I would have been fine with him skipping out. The dunk contest isn’t exactly like what it used to be when you had players like MJ and Nique competing. Maybe he’ll bring some class back to it, though.