Roy Hibbert Makes All-Star Team, Lance Stephenson Doesn't, David West Thinks the Voting Coaches Are *BLEEP*

David West 2

WRTV is a family-friendly media outlet that bleeps cursing, so I don’t know exactly what David West called the coaches who didn’t vote for Lance Stephenson, but it doesn’t sound nice. (Click link for video. H/T IndyCornrows)

Mind you, West didn’t think the coaches should have voted for him; he would rather have the days off than an extra bullet point on his Wikipedia page. But he called the fact that only Paul George and Roy Hibbert will represent the Pacers in New Orleans “a bit of a slap in the face.” Stephenson somewhat reinforced that fact last night with his actions, going out and dropping his NBA-leading fourth triple double of the season against the Phoenix Suns, albeit in a loss.

For his part, Hibbert was humbled to be named to his second All-Star team but wants to stay focused on team goals. “It’s a great honor to be an All-Star once and to be named again makes it even more special,” said Hibbert.  “This is more about the team and what we’ve accomplished so far than it is about Paul or I being All-Stars.”

Congrats to Roy on making the team, congrats to Lance for not having to ever wear these vile sleeved jerseys in the Big Easy, and congrats to West for calling out the coaches for being “petty” and noting that they should act more like “grown-ass men.”


Supporting evidence for West’s theory courtesy of @ESPNStatsInfo

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  • Josh Baker

    He said “pricks” which I wouldn’t think needed to be bleeped. But local news is local news.

    • Josh Strouth

      I agree, and I don’t understand why they’d bleep out “pricks” and not “ass” when he said “grown ass men”.

    • Michael D’oremi

      Because prick talks about genitalia, and anything genitalia is nasty and inappropriate in the land of Indiana, aka the Mississippi of the north.

      • Josh Baker

        I mean, ‘sucks’ is slang for ‘fellatio,’ but that isn’t bleeped out ever. People draw weird, squiggly lines for censorship.

  • Joe

    These braindead coaches deserve to be called worse than what he called them.

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  • ᗪEᑎI ♛

    when i look at david west i see a one tough mean dude