Jan 1, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry (7) tries to get the ball past Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill (3) during the fourth quarter of a game at the Air Canada Centre. Toronto won the game 95-82. Mandatory Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Larry Bird Will Not Pull the Trigger

There have started to be a number of NBA trade rumors swirling around some players that have expiring contracts. Some rumors also concern bigger-name players that are not meshing well with their current teams.

One team can be looked at as most likely not to pull the trigger on a trade before the February deadline: the Indiana Pacers.

While many fans and critics believe the Pacers got off to a fast start and could run out of energy, or might have reached their peak, these topics of discussion should not be dug too far into.

Every year, the media creates rumors from their apparent “sources,” whom really don’t even exist. Then, once the NBA trade rumors are created, bloggers, fans and those alike begin to believe them. Thus, the triangle of an imaginary trade that is likely to never happen.

When you understand the Indiana Pacers and have a decent grasp on Larry Bird’s (President of Basketball Operations for the Pacers) decisions and basketball mind, you will realize a wild trade before the deadline is not likely for a team that is already built to be a contender.

Do these media members, bloggers and fans truly believe it’s a good idea to mess up what it already working?

Let’s face it: the Indiana Pacers are a great basketball team. There are only a select group of great basketball teams in the NBA right now. Bird has worked tirelessly for years trying to build this Indiana franchise into what it is today.

So, no, you crazy media, blog people and random bandwagon fans across the country, Larry Bird is not going to pull some stupid trade.

One rumor was brought up recently that had the Indiana Pacers dangling George Hill and Danny Granger on the trading block, in hope of getting Kyle Lowry in exchange from the Toronto Raptors. Not happening. Especially not happening because of what Hill and Granger mean to the Pacers’ franchise, to their identity and to the city of Indianapolis.

The Andrew Bynum rumors continue to mount. Apparently, the Indiana Pacers are interested, which may be the case, but likely isn’t because Bynum wants a ton of money the Pacers don’t have.

Thus, do not read too far into these unrealistic NBA trade rumors that include the Indiana Pacers. Don’t believe it until you see it.

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  • Mathew Muncy

    A lot of people forget the Pacers would have to take back long-term, crap contracts that would affect us resigning guys like Lance Stephenson and Luis Scola, just to get rid of Granger. Add Hill to that and we are looking at 20+ million in contracts to take back. They don’t need a dominate point guard and Danny is playing well given he’s only been back a month. Heck he’s been playing big minutes too. You don’t blow up a team when you’re the best in the league.

    • http://willrettig.tumblr.com/ William Rettig

      Great points, Mathew. We agree that trading Hill and Granger for an unproven guy like Kyle Lowry would not just be stupid, it makes zero sense. Why blow up the best team in the league, and one that’s taken multiple years to build through the draft and free agency? Doesn’t make sense. Thanks for reading, and keep up with us through the spring and into the playoffs!

  • Filazafer

    Actually, trading George hill for Lowry makes a ton of sense. It is an upgrade at point guard and taking Hill off the books will allow the Pacers to resign Lance. Lance is much more important than Hill and if the Pacers don’t get rid of a contract they can’t keep him.