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miller time podcast

It is my pleasure to announce some great news for 8 Points, 9 Seconds: Starting today, The Miller Time Podcast is joining the team.

We have been listening to David Searle and Jon LaFollette’s podcast all year and continually been impressed with how well they cover the team. In my view, they talk about the Pacers in a very similar way to how we have always tried to discuss your favorite professional basketball team. It seemed like a perfect match

So we reached out to the guys a few weeks ago to ask — nay, beg — them to partner up with us. They agreed, and here we are. The first joint ‘cast is now live for your listening pleasure, and they will continue to do two podcasts per week (generally every Monday and Friday) going forward.

We’re super excited. These guys are awesome. We think you will agree.

And we think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

You can follow Dave (@DaveSearle), Jon (@JonFilet) and their podcast account (@MillerTimePod) on Twitter. You can read more about the guys here, and be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes. We would love to hear all your feedback (email us at [email protected]).

And even more importantly, please offer your ratings and reviews on iTunes so that the Miller Time Podcast can rise to where it belongs: atop Apple’s rankings for Pacers podcasts.

As for today’s ‘cast — episode 37 for Miller Time Podcast but the first under our new Voltron-like collaboration — Dave and Jon geek out over Paul George’s Internet-breaking dunk from Saturday’s win over the Clippers, preview games against Golden State and the feel-good Phoenix Suns, play a game that unfortunately name-checks Jim O’Brien, and offer a terrible impression of Christopher Walken.

Welcome to a new era for 8p9s. We hope you love the show as much as we do.

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  • Derek U

    Not on stitcher. Sadface.

    • Jon R. LaFollette

      Hi Derek. This is Jon from the show. We’re currently working on getting the podcast’s feed registered with Stitcher. Should be up in a few days. Thanks.

      • Derek U

        Hell yeah, I hate I tunes and my other software took a dump on me so trusty Stitcher is always there for my podcasting. I’ll give it a listen once it’s up and if it’s enjoyable i’ll head over to iTunes and vote for ya!

        • David Searle

          Ask and ye shall receive. Don’t forget rate the podcast! Stitcher link:

          • Guest

            Right on guys!!! I’ll give it a listen here soon!

          • Derek U

            Will you guys be getting a discussion page here on 8pts9sec? Maybe a link to each pod with a discussion just like this, that each user can give input and argue like we do. I don’t mind twitter interaction but hate fitting a thought into 140 characters.

  • Jaret Binford

    So happy about this. These guys are great have been listening to them all year!

  • James Lissaman

    Just started listening today, and will definitely be subscribing to make sure I hear every episode! Any chance you can raise the volume of the podcast (it’s a little quiet playing on my iPhone 4 speaker)?

    • David Searle

      I’ve noticed this in comparison with other pods. I will ramp up the volume starting with the next episode.

      • Derek U

        If anything, make it a more level sound. I’m not sure how I like that I hear one person in the left, and the other in the right. Likely something I could get used too either way.

        • James Lissaman

          ^^ awesome that it’ll be at a volume level closer to other podcasts :)

          ^ I noticed the L and R channels too, and realised it was the first podcast I’ve heard to make obvious use of it. I’m the same, it was different, and will get used to it :)

          • Derek U

            Not sure if I’ll ever get used to it lol. Often times I find myself with a earbud hanging out at work, so I hear one person very loudly, and another very quietly. It’s a first for podcasting that I’ve heard so far… in my 2500+ hours of stitcher