David West Ejected for Throwing Elbow at Blake Griffin

david west

You won’t like him when he’s angry and being a jerk. Obvious ejection here.

You can’t do that, David.

(GIF via @SBnation)

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  • Philip Tarrant

    I don’t mind a statement ejection in a tense game, but this was just a really petty play by West. No reason for it, esp in a 16 point game after the buzzer.

  • Sco Diggy

    Maybe its the biker glove he feels a need to fight

    • Todd

      It’s cause he knows grif is soft as charmin. Of course the person that always interjects for Blake, Matt Barnes steps in. Funny thing is Matt was smart cause usually he is throwing punches. He knew better lol. Favorite part is when Jordan whom is a big man bumped into west, west gave a scowl and deandre wanted no part of an angry dw lol

      • Sco Diggy


  • Derek U

    West got tired of them talking shit about his gloves. Gotta keep his street cred up.

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