Lance Stephenson and George Hill Give Paul George a Wet Willie

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  • Andrew Wills

    Hilarious…. Love this team…

  • poot

    This is awesome. i love this team. this one was good, but it was even more hilarious in the last game when Brook was interviewing DWest, first Lance cuts in front of them, then you can see in the background he recruits GHill to come sneak up behind DWest and give a cheesy grin and wave photobomb while Lance wet-willies DWest. Yes that is right, somebody gave DWest a wet willy and lived. that is team spirit right there.
    (granted Lance goes in for a second willy which DWest ignores while GHill gives a peace sign and walks lil Scola down the tunnel)


    but POOT does not appear to discuss the good times. those who know POOT know POOT has 110% confidence in the Pacers… and only appears when POOT is angry

    well POOT is angry… this time with two trangressors: the celtics and the warriros.

    this 3 team trade angers me greatly. Miami was going to be SCREWED next season. Despite all the great analysts out there, Miami was certain to be MUCH WORSE next year. their best case scenario was having each of the big3 “opt-in”, instantly pushing them over the cap and leaving no way to obtain other players (except for Oden/Beasley/Mason/Andersen/Lewis type minimum contracts)

    The juice of this scenario was that Cole ($2.2m) and Anderson ($1.5m) were not going to be free agents next year. Instant $3.7 extra on the books. NOW Haslem and Joel Anthony have a chance to opt-out. Will Haslem opt out of $4.6m? Hell no, he’s not even a minimum level player any more. Will Joel opt out of $3.8m? See: Haslem. Add that $8.4m to Cole/Andersen and you have $12.1m on the books between
    add on $61.2m for the “big3″ and you are at $73.3m… already above the luxury tax.
    Yeah that’s right, already above the luxury tax with this team:
    C: Andersen/Anthony
    PF: Bosh/Haslem
    SF: James
    SG: Wade
    PG: Cole

    seriously! No chalmers, no battier, no allen, not even lewis, beasley or jones. To replace these players:
    + their own 1st round pick (likely #25-30)
    + minimum contracts
    (+) resigning own players deep into luxury tax

    going above the luxury tax severely limits the heat… but knock off $3.8m for Haslem and take on Douglas’s expiring, suddenly under the tax. Suddenly can use the MLE. Suddenly have one less dead weight salary on the books.

    WHY would Boston take on Anthony? Because he’s a champion? to help develop Olynyk? WTF??? I have so much confusion why they would help the Heat. they lose crawford (expiring) and brooks (1 yr left @ $1.2m) and get anthony (1 yr left @ $3.8m) and a crappy 2015 pick heat got from Philly.

    i am pissed. heat are going to reload next year. they now have the option. before they were crippled, and appeared permanently due to the “no one is going to trade with your devious organiztion” but Boston breaks the rule.

    either way, the Pacers are getting better. even if they lose Danny, and even if they lose Lance next season, they still come back with a better team than the Heat, who will be older than your grandpas. All we have to do is take care of them in the playoffs this year and they will think twice about “taking another run at it”

    for now, f u boston, f u gstate.

    • AMF1322

      I know you’re only here when you’re angry, but it’s good to see you back.
      I undestand GS. Miami it’s not their problem, and I think they’re already built to take down the Heat (Iguodala to slow down Lebron, Bogut and Lee on the paint, no Miami player can stop Curry, Klay would put Wade away from the paint and passing lanes, Barnes can play some minutes on Lebron if they got to switch Iguodala on a streaking Wade). Their problem it’s survive in that conference. And they just add a spark off the bench with Crawford. I undestand their part.
      I also understand why Boston can take Joel Anthony, and it’s because they can’t give more of a crap about him. There are 3 players they can go for that can make them better: Gay (who they’ll not search because it would make, I think, Jeff Green uncomfortable on-court), Hayward, or Lance. None of them are max level contracts (I’ll say some words at the end of this post, if you, too-much-free-time reader don’t mind). What I don’t understand is Ainge settling it with such a horrible pick. If Philly flips Thad and Turner, who the hell is going to score? MCW, Noel, Hawes (he won’t play along Noel, and he isn’t a 20ppg guy neither if he remains as a starter), Wroten? They would have good D, but they would not score on anybody decent; in other words, 2013-14 Bobcats 2.0.

      Ok, this is something I’ve been thinking lately. What would happen if Lance it’s out of range this summer? He might be a double digit contract already. I know Jalen Rose says he won’t leave Larry Bird, but if Paul George takes that extra percentage in his contract, Lance may not be available. So then, Boston can pick on 2 options: go for Hayward, keep Rondo, and flip some not-starters big guys into one starter big-man (Hawes, Gortat, Kaman, Okafor, even Frye); or, go for Lance, flip Rondo for a star or two starters. Then, Indiana would go for local guy no.2, Gordon Hayward. And I wouldn’t be that angry. Hayward it’s a good shooter on a horrible team who can defend pretty well, and he doesn’t demand the ball too much for dribling (even though he can), what can make PG have the ball more on his hands, or even Hill. And what would Hayward choose? To get paid to play in a rebuilding team that it has no core exept him (Trey Burke won’t be much better than G.Hill, and Favors it’s not Boogie Cousins), or to play in the team he rooted for all his life, of the city where he grew up, in a contender team, with Larry Bird trust and protection? (and getting good money. It’s not that 8.5, 9 mil per year it’s a bad contract).

      P.S: Larry Bird should see if it’s legally possible to make a salary cut (at least, 2 mil per year) in George Hill’s contract. Of course, Hill would have to agree, but if it’s someway possible, Larry should go for it.

      • poot

        Yeah I just needed to let off some steam. I think Miami has begun their descent. Having some extra cap space next summer shouldn’t change their future too much. But we’ll see.

        I am worrying about Lance as well. He’s proven to be a top 6th man now, in the mold of the JR, Jamal, Jason Terry, Bobby Jackson types. History shows: these guys get paid.

        We will learn a lot about Lance’s character this summer. Is he all talk? I hope he stays, though it means he will be missing out on millions he could have had with a shit team.

        My thought is, and I have been proven wrong nearly 100% of the time with this logic, Lance will think:
        “I am 23 years old, playing on the best team in the NBA, that I am a perfect fit for, that has a really bright future (for the duration of his next contract) and Larry Bird likes me. I’m staying here, developing more with some of the league’s best young players, then if we’re not winning titles maybe I’ll leave for a bigger payday once I begin to enter my prime.”

        Hayward would be so so nice, but I think that’s a pipe dream. Still, it’s not one I dismiss (maybe because I would really like to see it too)

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