NBA Warns Lance Stephenson to Stop Flopping

The NBA has officially warned Lance Stephenson for violating its anti-flopping rules. Obviously. This one was egregious. The Brooklyn native overacted badly here as Kyle Lowry’s mild contact was made to look like it launched Stephenson into the stands with the power of a battering ram.

My initial thoughts: This is only his first warning? Weird. The guy fakes stuff all the time.

This is the equivalent of my boss warning me for showing up late for work for the first time in July. OK, guys. I see you really mean business now. I’ll be sure to change my behavior immediately. Of course.

For me, this would just mean subsequently using the side door so Lumbergh doesn’t see me.

In Lance’s case, however, the league will lighten his pockets $5,000 next time it takes action. The fine then increases by five grand for each addition occurrence until a sixth infringement, which can lead to a suspension.

UPDATE: Lance responds.

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  • Philip Tarrant

    Yeah, I was just as surprised that this was his first warning. One of the few things I don’t like about his game.

    • Derek U

      He makes it work for him just like the Heat does… He didn’t really start doing it till one of those “oh really” a couple years back.

      • Philip Tarrant

        Yeah, but isn’t it one of the main reasons why everybody hates the Heat? I just hate the finesse of today’s NBA and think it needs to get back to the physicality it used to have. Players playing to get fouls from the refs should not be awarded foul calls. That’d stop this flopping trend much quicker than warnings and minimal fines.

        • Derek U

          I agree and I don’t like it. Also I meant to say “oh really games” where the Heat flopped like crazy and got calls just about every time. He’s young, he’s doing what he can to help, or so he thinks… It’s just the street baller in Lance lol.

          • Philip Tarrant

            Yeah, I can understand it. Most of what makes him so fun to watch and likable is also some of the stuff that can get annoying in excess. Gotta love his flash, and he’s done a good job so far this year in not letting it get out of hand. The flop that he gets a warning for isn’t even one of his worst! Someone should give Cam Newton an Oscar…erm…Daytime Emmy for his flop in the playoff game with the 9ers. Did you see that one?!

          • Derek U

            I can’t get enough of Lance.. Share away!

  • Ian

    He does flop a lot. And he did flop then. But it was also definitely a foul.

    I feel like the league should limit punishments to cases where there was no real decisive contact made.

    • Nate Kenny

      So Lebron would only be half as rich…

  • Derek U

    Stephenson is just stuck in today’s internet craze. Everybody wants to do the Lebron.

  • Derek U

    I hope they don’t tell him to stop making youtube video’s.