Paul George Flops Like He Got Shot by a Sniper

Most people seem to think the Miami Heat run flop town, but Paul George threw his hat in the ring for mayor tonight on this phantom takedown from Dwyane Wade. (George earned a trip to the free-throw line with this.)

(image via Not Sportscenter)

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  • Earl Malmsteen

    It looks like PG legitimately might have been hit in the nose. I honestly can’t tell as it looks like PG’s head goes back slightly before the clear exaggeration. Second, Wade with that motion is attempting one of his patented cheap shots to the head and definitely isn’t making a play on the ball, which is why it’s so late and he doesn’t even care to look for the ball during the play. There’s absolutely no reason you swing your arm fast over someone’s head like that.

  • Jared Wade

    he did get hit in the nose/forehead. do you not see?

    • Jared Wade

      it doesnt seem he got hit hard because its in slow mo. imagine wades arm swinging in front of your face and we’ll see how you react Jared.