Pacers Lose to Heat by 3 as Paul George Gets Fouled on Last-Second 3-Point Try

Look. This isn’t why the Pacers lost.

The fact that Roy Hibbert (who Frank Vogel rolled the dice with when he picked up his fourth foul) got whistled for a fifth foul early in the third quarter and sat out most of the half was huge. The fact that the Pacers ran some terrible offense down the stretch was enormous. The fact that a (terrible) Lance Stephenson fadeaway late led to a Heat run out was giant. The fact that Paul George missed a floater that got Ray Allen a wide-open three in transition was the dagger. The fact that a George Hill turned the ball over while miscommunicating with George on a drive and kick nearly put a nail in Indiana’s coffin.

But the Pacers, despite all their late-game futility, did have a chance to tie it with one final shot. And Hill found George for a decent look from behind the arc. George wasn’t quite able to catch and get himself set ideally, but he rose for the shot and LeBron clearly makes contact with his body as he elevates.

No whistle sounds and George missed the shot.

Game over.

After the loss, George expressed his dissatisfaction with the call.

Though we didn’t really have to wait that long. He more strenuously objected to the referees’ decision on the court right after the play. I’m not a professional lip reader, but I’m pretty sure he’s saying, “That’s fucking BULLSHIT, Joey” [Crawford, a ref] . #DarylDixonVoiceHopefully

Here’s a still of LeBron’s hand caressing George’s waist.

And here are a few images some clever folk came up with on Twitter.

(GIFs vis SB Nation)

UPDATE: Former NBA official Ronnie Nunn joined Coach Nick on BBallBreakdown, and believes that Paul George should have gotten three free throws.

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  • Ian

    I think everyone agrees the Pacers bad play resulted in them losing, not the foul. Best case is George makes 3 FT and they go to overtime, where Roy is still stuck with 5 fouls and ineffective.

    That said I’m pretty sure this foul was intentional. LeBron figured either figured he’d dare the officials to call it, or they wouldn’t see it. Sad to see such a great player resort to a dirty play at the end of what was a pretty great game.

    • Joe Betz

      LeBron is a win at all cost kind of guy, which is why he has some of the most egregious flops. I agree it’s sad to watch someone with his talent still do the dirty, unethical things. We can say George “flopped” when he was hit in the head, but he got hit in the head with an elbow…the foul call was not made because of his embellishment.

  • Donald Hermann

    In MMA Dana White tells his fighters not to let it go to the card if you want the victory, meaning that you should end between the whistles and leave no doubt. This was the basketball equivalent of sending it to the card, and Joey Crawford’s crew who had been quick on the whistles in the second half let the game end like they had somewhere better to be, but the pacers lost this game in the 3 minutes prior to that shot, not because the whistle never came. Don’t let the heat get the lead and you never have to worry about losing. Finish in winning time.

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  • rohanissimus

    How come no one complains about the 2 free throws he suckered the refs into calling on that amazing flop? Every Indiana fan is up in arms on the alleged no call at the end, but quite happy that the same player snookered the refs earlier and so increased the Pacers score by 2 points. Fans are just the same every where, they can only view events through team colored lens.

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