Paul George Trails Only LeBron in All-Star Votes in the East

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In more fodder for the Everybody Loves Paul George files, the Pacers’ rising star has received more All-Star votes than all but three players: LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. With nearly half a million votes so far, according to the NBA, George is on pace to star this year’s midseason classic, and ranks second in the East in overall votes.

This is no surprise, really, but it sorta is.Front Court

Sometimes it takes awhile for a young player to get his due. The voting populace isn’t always as up to date with the facts on the court as they are the reputations of vets. See: Bryant, Kobe. But it seems like that signal/noise gap is closing in the internet age. Because while there are still some silly names on the leader board (mostly the result of players in big markets who have a lot of fans), the top of the list is by and large acceptable.

Roy Hibbert, for example. ranks fourth among Eastern Conference front-court players, behind only James, George and Carmelo Anthony. Which is probably correct. You can argue Hibbert vs. Anthony, but both are playing tremendous basketball, and both are locks to make the roster (with Melo a near-certainty to get the start given his lead in votes).

The only real beef Pacers’ fans could have is the exclusion of Lance Stephenson from the top 10 back-court players. He, in my opinion anyway, should be ahead of George Hill, for one, as well as Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen and Deron Williams. But c’mon. Voters aren’t paying that much attention. And neither Stephenson nor Hill likely will merit inclusion in the game anyway so it’s a bit like arguing which is the best movie script that won’t get made into a film this year.

Back Court

David West is the one other name who might make the team. He has been his wonderful self most of the year, but his numbers are a bit down, mainly because he missed a ton of shots at the start of the year. Whether or not he makes it will likely come down to the Pacers’ record when the coaches vote for the reserves. If they are still on this torrid pace, he might get in. If not, the final front-court spots will go to deserving guys like Brook Lopez and Andre Drummond who are having better years on worse teams.

Regardless, Pacers’ fans will at least get to see George and Hibbert at All-Star Weekend.

And, oh yeah — presuming everything keeps going so swimmingly, Frank Vogel should be coaching them.

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  • Earl Malmsteen

    It’s amazing how bad the backcourts in the East are.

  • Derek U

    It amazes me that players that miss a chunk of the season due to injury are even on the freakin ballots, when players like Wesley Mathews are left off of it entirely.

    Evan Turner should have double the votes of Chalmers and Drummond should have double the votes of Tyson Chandler….. They should make fan voting worth about 10-20% of the total outcome because most of the fans don’t know shit.. But then again, when the awards are handed out and Hibbert barely cracks the top 5 in DPOY when those are the people that are supposed to be unbiased and actually watch the games….

  • 15points126seconds

    Is it against the spirit of the game for me to routinely vote for the pacers 5? It’s probably not far away from mentality of those fans that vote for former All-Stars as if they have been heathy all season lol