Danny Granger to Continue Not Playing Basketball

Danny Granger practice

There had not been much talk about when Danny Granger would return to action. For those who forgot, he used to be the Pacers’ best player but then he missed virtually all of last season and suffered a setback while trying to return to action at the beginning of the season (with an injury listed as a calf strain).

Then, this week, Granger started ramping up for a return and speculation began that he may return to play against the Heat on Wednesday. That didn’t happen. Then people started talking about him playing tomorrow, December 12, against the Bobcats.

That also will not happen, according to Rob Lynch of WTHR-TV in Indiana.

Ultimately, Granger will return. We sincerely believe.

But until he does, we can all probably just stop speculating. He’ll play when he plays.

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  • brendon

    come on, He is sorely missed. The Pacers have been great, but they have looked horrible on the second night of back-to-backs, which is a sign of lack of depth.

  • Donald Hermann

    Has anyone seen or heard from Danny Lately? Is it time to start putting his face on milk cartons? Are we trying to trigger the heat into making a foolish move where they make a trade where they send all their non big 3 players to chicago for lou deng and just play 4 players like in hoosers?!

    Srsly though get right soon Danny.

    • achoo

      he is super active on the end of the bench. i was at the Blazers game and he was jumping around and looking like someone who should not be wearing a suit.

      i’m not sure what it is with Danny. i’ve been a huge fan of his for a long time, but last season and now this one are starting to put a bad taste in my mouth. his constant “set-backs” are bad enough, but to make it worse, when he DOES play, he’s not looking very good.

      now i am not so sure that adding him to the bench will help our depth any more than adding, say, rip hamilton or josh howard. how sad it is that is the level Danny is on now. never thought i would compare the great DG to scrubs, but here we are. i’ve lost optimism, and to echo your comments, best case scenario i think is that he gets healthy enough to not be in constant pain following retirement….

      • Josh Baker

        So, he didn’t look good playing last year while injured, and that’s a reason to doubt him. All right!

        • achoo

          did not say that. actually Danny had 2 very nice games last season (Vs LAC and @ Tor)
          total stats: 29 minutes, 20 points, 8-15 (2-5 on 3pt) 5 reb, 1 ast, 1 stl, 3 to
          per36 that’s 25/6/1 on 53%/40% shooting… really good job in those games.

          however, in the other 3 games,
          per 36 was 5/3/2 on 10%/0% shooting.

          and it’s not like he was tearing it up in preseason. he did a nice job against the bulls (2nd game) when he made all his 3s. and a decent job against the rockets (2nd game) when he earned his way back into the starting lineup. but in the other 3 games?
          per 36 of 10/3/3 on 21%/22% shooting.
          granted in his “awesome” games he was getting
          per 36 of 20/8/2 on 45%/75% shooting

          like i said, big Granger fan, wish him all the best, but i’ve been watching the NBA forever and can’t remember a case like this before where the player came back after missing over a year with multiple setbacks and was anywhere near what he used to be. flashes here and there, sure, but someone you can count on from your bench?
          Granger will contribute leadership and help guys with intangibles, but as a Pacers fan, thinking he is going to give the team a boost when he returns seems less likely than getting something decent out of Copeland.

          • Josh Baker

            He was injured. Why would you judge that performance? It’s not an accurate reflection of what he can do. And trying to extrapolate off of preseason performances that a: don’t mean anything and b: were his first games back, seem like a poor barometer as well. We don’t know how Granger will play, but nothing from the last season and a quarter points to an answer either.

          • achoo

            it appears my message has been muddled. by all accounts (Granger, Vogel, Bird, etc) Danny “needs time” and “is not ready” and it will be a “slow process” bringing him back, first to the bench, then seeing if he can work his way back as a starter.

            So what are we thinking, we are going to bring Danny back around game #82 and hope he can provide something in time for the playoffs? Hell no that won’t work, and the stats i extrapolated off for you were a good indication of why not.

            So the thing we need to do is bring him back NOW. let him play 2 minutes of garbage time. then work his way up to 5 minutes of garbage time. then maybe they’ll be a crap team we can stick him for a couple of 2 minute stretches against. and work it up to 5, then 7, then 10, etc.

            if he’s not ready for that, he probably never will be.

            i agree, nothing points to an answer at this moment, but history shows that older players missing that much time just dont come back the same. they can still be useful, but all the guys that come to mind were mostly bigs, not guys who (among other qualities) were our best option at guarding Lebron, etc…. i’d love to see him be like a Grant Hill on the Suns type, but he was never as good as Hill to begin with. That’s about the ceiling for DG right now, and if they dont bring him back soon, i wouldnt put money on him ever coming back at all….

            …. that said, ANYTHING but rasual butler. ewww gross, get him off our team.

    • Josh Baker

      He just did a press conference before the Miami game. And has been on the bench for nearly every home game. Not sure how you haven’t seen him.

  • Princ

    i thought they play december 13th not 12th? unless you consider pacers as nets on tnt tonight :)

  • Kuro1

    They certainly could have used him on the road trip. They were dead tired in OKC after the San Antonio game the night before. I know they are trying to win every game for the home court position, but playing the starters in the high 30′s every game will also take it’s toll in the playoff”s. DG, Scola, Watson, and the rest of the bench could take some minutes and give the starters some needed rest.

  • Jack Wright

    these passive aggressive lines and article titles regarding danny’s injury are starting to piss me off.

    he comes back when he comes back. I’m sure he and the Pacers trainers/doctors/etc know more than we do. Either way it appears he’ll be back playing soon enough. i’m just tired of the constant complaining going on over nothing

    • Jamie Rehmel

      This is pretty mild; you should go to Stampede Blue and see how they talk about the players on the Colts. haha…

      • Jack Wright

        I hate football

      • Josh Baker

        Also, Stampede Blue is run by a terrible human being that doesn’t actually know football.

        • Philip Tarrant

          Agreed. And it doesn’t really excuse doing the same at a reputable site like this one.

  • Berdj Rassam

    Granger is a very talented player – imagine if he was a real contributor to this team.

  • Philip Tarrant

    He can take his time if it means he comes back a 100% this time around. The only competition for us right now is with the Heat for the #1 seed, which might be important, but even more important is Danny’s long-term health and his potential contributions to this team for a stretch run. Get well soon, DG!