Pacers Become NBA's Most Dominant Team

When the Spurs lost to the Thunder on Wednesday, the Pacers became the last 0ne-loss team left in the league. Once that happened, it could be reasonably argued that Indiana could claim undisputed rights to the title of NBA’s best team. Still, by one important metric, San Antonio still held pole position.

When it comes to predicting playoff and future success, point differential is widely seen as the best piece of data. Not wins. And even after they dropped their second game, the Spurs still had a slim lead on the Pacers.

Pacers Point Differential

But after Indiana blew out Washington last night, they took over first place in that category, too. The team’s 11.44 average margin of victory now outshines San Antonio’s 11.31 number, according to ESPN.

Still, reasonable humans can look to the two teams’ strength of schedule and continue to believe that the Spurs are the superior team.

But by the numbers, there is no more debate: No NBA team is beating down its opponents by a larger margin than the Indiana Pacers.

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  • white knight

    still early of the season though,big test coming for Indiana in the next couple of weeks,they will face OKC,Hot Portland ,Spurs again ,Houston and of course Miami.
    Greg Oden has not suited yet I have a feeling that they are preparing him for Roy Hibbert,Paul George VS Lebron ,David west VS Bosh,Stepheson vs wade ,wow.
    Miami vs Indiana is a mouth watering match.

    • Jackson

      Or he already got injured in practice without even getting off the bench