Lance Stephenson Throws Crazy, Mid-Air Behind-the-Back Pass

Well this is downright outlandish (and here it is on Vine crappy quality YouTube form). And it now rivals this equally nutso Andre Iguodala falling-out-of-bounds behind-the-back pass to David Lee for dish of the year. (h/t @NBA_Spen)

But that wasn’t all.

In total, Stephenson finished the game with 10 assists (plus 11 rebounds and 7 points, leaving him just a trey away from his third triple double of the season), and two others were silky sweet as well.

Check this impromptu behind-the-back gem to Paul George for the bucket. Note the post-pass double scissor kick.

And then there was this find of Luis Scola that Lance oh-so-badly wanted to make happen the second he crossed half court. Extra points for the Primetime high-step celebration before Luis even put the ball in the hoop.

By the end of the game — which Indiana led by more than 20 points — Stephenson was openly field goal hunting, desperately trying to complete his triple double. It didn’t happen. But these three passes stand testament to a remarkable game by a player who has become one of the more remarkable playmakers in the entire league. Weird to even write that, but as the games continue to stack up, it is hard to dispute.

UPDATE: Here’s a great .gif of Lance’s dish to Paul George (via Got ‘Em Coach)

Lance Stephenson

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  • Patrick Talbert

    It’s like Indiana has co-combo guards in Stephenson and George Hill. Neither cares who handles the ball. Neither cares who gets the assists. True team unselfishness at it’s finest.

  • thechamp5400

    Stephenson is definetely another candidate for Most Improved Player. It is fun to watch him play.

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  • Philip Tarrant

    The crazy thing about the behind-the-back-in-the-air swing pass was that it was arguably not even his best dish of the night. I have no idea how he saw PG cutting toward the basket on that offensive rebound in the middle of 4 Wizards… I almost expected the crazy swing pass to CJ by that point in the game haha.

  • white knight

    big test coming for Indiana in the next couple of weeks,they will face OKC,Hot Portland ,Spurs again ,Houston and of course Miami.
    Greg Oden has not suited yet I have a feeling that they are preparing him for Roy Hibbert,Paul George VS Lebron ,David west VS Bosh,Stepheson vs wade ,wow.
    Miami vs Indiana is a mouth watering match.

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