Oct 5, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) drives past Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill (3) at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Bulls beat Pacers 82-76. Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose: Are You Paying Attention?

First, it was Carmelo Anthony coming out to say he’s not forgot about the series with the Indiana Pacers.  Now, there’s Derrick Rose saying that the Indiana Pacers are great, but they’re not a rival.  Let’s take a look at the key quote that caught my attention, and I am sure will catch the attention of Pacer fans around here.

“People say that it’s a rivalry but I don’t really see it,” Rose said. “I say the team that is more like a rivalry is when Darren Collison was on the team. That one was more like a rivalry, but this team is a great team. They’ve already proven themselves last year by making it to the Eastern Conference finals.

“If anything, by probably in a year or two, it could become a rival. But right now, people say it’s a rival … I just don’t see it right now.”

Not that the Pacers will need any more fuel when playing the Chicago Bulls, but now for a fan’s perspective, I want the Pacers to absolutely HANDLE the Bulls. Beat them down, and march their way to a division title.  Which in essence to me makes this a rivalry.  Two teams vying for that top spot in the division, and two teams that have not had any love lost between the two.

Let’s face it most of the regular season, your team beats another team, and you’re fine with it. It’s not a big deal or a monumental celebration.  To me, when the Pacers and Bulls play, there’s an extra intensity to it.  There’s that bit of animosity that I believe has been gone from the NBA for a while.  You had Danny Granger speak out when playing the Chicago Bulls just two years ago.  Heck, I’ll even go back to when Michael Jordan was there playing, and I wanted the Pacers to get by the Bulls in that Conference Finals.  How much more do you need for a rivalry?

You have two teams built upon the defense with two superstars in Paul George and Derrick Rose. You have role players that all complete the team.  You have big men in Joakim Noah and Roy Hibbert that can definitely help things out in the post area.  Two coaches that just seem to be the best fit for their teams.  You have fans here in Indy that root for Chicago as evident a few years ago at playoff games, and even at some regular season games.  To me, that’s rivalry talk.  If Derrick Rose doesn’t want to believe that, it’s fine, but that will make me want the Pacers to beat down the Bulls and show that no matter what, the Pacers are better.  And ultimately, that’s the goal of any NBA game.

  • Rob Stuart

    Bulls will stay below the pacers, that’s where they belong!

    • Kevin Woods

      OK Rob……put the pipe down and back away slowly…..

  • Celine Kaye

    Pacers will win it no doubt

  • Enunciate

    Have the Pacers ever beaten the Bulls when it mattered? That’s why it’s not a rivalry

    • Alexis Rose

      I don’t care. The truth is, rose is just bitter they lost the central div last time and he can’t accept defeat like his unruly fans

      • Enunciate

        He didn’t play last year so I really doubt that he cares.

    • Erika Jen

      Pacers are the central div champs so obviously, they won. With
      regards to the rivalry, who cares? As if heat consider them a rival lol, heat
      are more concerned about the pacers and not the bulls. Only rose wants rivalry with the champs, so his team will be on the spotlight.

      • Enunciate

        My question was, have the Pacers beaten the Bulls when it mattered. Not who had a better regular season record. I’m not sure why you think that the Heat are more concerned about the Pacers. Derrick Rose last played in the playoffs 1 game 2 years ago so neither the Pacers or Heat had to face the Bulls with their best player for both years

        • Celine Kaye

          Did you not understand? The pacers are the current central div champs, meaning they beat the bulls! And that mattered. And don’t make excuses if you lose the title last year. If you lose, you lose, no excuses. Winning the division mattered.Heat are more concerned about the pacers, for obvious reasons, they were pushed to the limits last time. While they always beat the bulls, even with an MVP rose, in just 5 games, so it doesn’t worry them much.

          • Enunciate

            When I say that the Pacers have never beaten the Bulls when it mattered, I mean that the Pacers have never won a playoff series against the Bulls.

            When the Bulls had the best record in the NBA in the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons I did not go around telling Pacers or any other teams fans that the Bulls beat them. It would have been weird. I said that the Bulls had a better record than their team, which made more sense.

            As a Pacer’s fan, you have to brag about every small victory that you get, b/c your team has never won an NBA Title. I’m sure that you will remember the 2012-2013 Division Championship and LOSING in the Eastern Conference Championship will be a source of bragging rights for years to come!

          • Celine Kaye

            Excuse me are you talking about “once upon a time”? Well, i don’t like my mental state working backwards like you do. And we don’t care about the records, what’s important is how far have you reached in the”all important” post season. See bulls got the best record 2011 to 2012, but in the playoffs, how far have they gone? They were always kicked out in just 5 games. So who cares about records, the more impt thing is you come out strong in the post season and not the regular season. Well, in rose era, bulls have not gotten anything as well, but an early exit all the time. And don’t talk about “once upon a time”. And talking about east con, pacers have better performance than bulls in east con finals. Miami made mincemeat of you guys all the time. And bull fans never accepted defeat, no sportsmanship, shame on you guys! You are cocky for nothing! Rose hasn’t gotten you anywhere else yet, so stop being arrogant. If you lose the div title last time, you lose, no excuses!

          • Enunciate

            I don’t know why I am arguing with you. If you are going to try to base your arguments off of facts, at least try to get them right.

            I don’t know how far back you are going when you say that the Bulls were kicked out of the Playoffs in just 5 games (I know that your mental state only allows you to go back a couple of years), but its just not true. 2011 Bulls lost in the Eastern Conference Finals, 2012 Bulls lost in the 1st round in 5 games (I guess you got 1 out of 3 right). And the 2013 Bulls lost in the 2nd round. 2011 Pacers lost in the 1st round, 2012 Pacers lost in the 2nd round, and 2013 Pacers lost in the Eastern Conference Championship.

            And yes Derrick Rose did not get us anywhere the past couple of playoffs b/c he DID NOT play, so I am not

          • Maralan

            Yes why do you insist what you wanted. I’m telling you very simple fact “Pacers are the central div champs” meaning pacers are on top of bulls, until bulls get the title back and if you can’t accept that fact, well then sorry for you. Nobody here cares about what you say anyway. Did i say i am mighty proud of accomplishments, you are damn stupid! If you can not accept the fact that your bulls are below pacers, then just find another site to cry. We don’t care if we don’t have a rose, this is a team and not a one star player. Get so high with rose if he has gotten something great this year. If none yet, then shut up.

          • Maralan

            Oh btw, enough of your excuses, year after year, all bulls failures were bec of excuses. If your player A,B,C,D,E etc didn’t play, well it’s not our problem anymore. You lose, you lose, accept it and no more complains.

          • Craig Davidson

            WTF are you arguing about??? The bulls already lost the central div title to Pacers, are you too bitter about that??? Rose has only one good season, and the most undeserving MVP ever!!! For 5 yrs now since rose came, bulls wasn’t able to go even near nba finals. So stop bs on your rose! Bulls are not real contenders, they are just pretenders! Now, if bulls & rose finally got a championship, then buzz me…

          • Alexis Rose

            so where is your rose now??? A SCRUB hahahaha… top ten, really? he’s not even on the top 20 lol

          • Enunciate

            You know that its only been 6 games right.

          • Jay

            Even at 82 games, rose won’t be same as he was, too many players already better than him, and he won’t even finish the season. The moral lesson is, stop being cocky and underestimate another team based on old records, obsolute lol. Your bulls are not contender, as always, just pretender! They will be even lucky to get in the 5th place.

          • Kevin Anders

            What every victory? they are just saying that pacers are the central div champs, right? Is that hard for you to accept?

  • Ryan Carbray

    Good luck with that bud..

  • Alexis Rose

    Go Pacers! This rose talks too much, the man who said he is the best player, when in fact, he is not! Just something wrong with his mental state

  • Matt Kuhn

    Hahaha George a superstar? Maybe in a few more years. Pacers are 3-9 against the Bulls when Rose plays, that’s why it’s not a rivalry.

    • Toni Benz

      And when did rose last play against this new pacers team??? Don’t bring up the “once upon a time”. The current/present is always what matters not the past. Pacers aren’t after that rivalry, only rose does, to bring him and his team to limelight again, bec the time he is gone, they were nowhere in the talks. Knowing rose, he wanted to be talked all the time. This man really has mental issues

    • Lance Mueller

      Pacers doesn’t need a superstar to be up there. They went
      all the way to the ec finals and a win away from nba finals w/o their best player granger. While bulls w/o rose didn’t go far in the post season. To be a real superstar in every sense, you must bring your team to a championship, have rose done that? If not, then he is just a scoring champ like Carmelo. So better stop talking about “superstar” bec rose
      is no real superstar yet.

    • Craig Davidson

      Have rose, in his 5 yrs of playing with bulls, had brought his team to nba finals? Then you have no right at looking on other players as no superstar. Rose is just a star and not a superstar.

  • Stephen Ajamie

    Great interactions happening here. Glad to see this article helped sparked some good debate. Keep it going!

  • Tuffy

    As a Bulls fan I liked the your details on how these two teams SHOULD be rivals. Regardless of Granger or Rose, I always expect games to be rough, tough, and a Tyler Hansborough/Joakim Noah dirty play away from a street fight. All of these comments are talking about the past. Yea, the Bulls had the best record for a couple of years, and OK, the Pacers took the Heat to 7 games… The END result was watching the Heat hold up the O’Brien trophy in the Finals. Reminds me of kids arguing about “My dad can beat up your dad!” There is still one bodybuilder Dad out there running the block, his name is Udonis Haslem.

    • Stephen Ajamie

      So then the Knicks and Pacers weren’t rivals back in the 90s because neither held up the Finals trophy? I don’t think you necessarily have to vie for that ultimate prize, but still being there nose to nose with each other, and just showing that extra bit of intensity from other games does help ramp up things. Then you can add in that fans really take this series to heart, so to me that just brews something of a rivalry more so than just a regular season game in the middle of the season or something like that.

  • Kevin Anders

    It’s getting hilarious now, bulls fans always talked about
    beating the pacers in 2011. As I even remember, this 2011 pacers team was different from the pacers team of 2 yrs ago. People, it’s already 2013 and just a few months to go, it’s 2014 already. Something wrong with their brains, it doesn’t
    go forward but always on “rewind” lol. Is it really hard to accept that you lose,
    w/o making excuses?