Feb 23, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Danny Granger (33) drives past Detroit Pistons small forward Khris Middleton (32) during the third quarter at The Palace. Pacers win 90-72. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Season Preview: Indiana Pacers vs Detroit Pistons

UPDATE:  Thank you to all the fantastic readers that have greatly CORRECTED me as I was COMPLETELY wrong about the coaching staff here.  Maurice Cheeks is the current head coach, and I am greatly sorry that I missed read that information.

This is that type of series that if the Indiana Pacers want to become that top team in the Eastern Conference and top overall team, they should dispatch of the Detroit Pistons rather easily.  Sure, there are some nice pieces in Detroit. I’m not too excited about Josh Smith going there. I don’t think he’s anything to build a team around, but he’s there, and that’s just the way they want to go.  Chauncey Billups is back there, but this is years after he was good there.  You have a new coach in Rasheed Wallace.  The same Rasheed Wallace that as a player would rack up technical fouls and generally seemed more of a headache than an actual good piece of the puzzle. When his head was screwed on straight, he could do fine things. But the fact that I talked about his hot headedness should say something about what most people remember about his game.

The Pacers are the more talented team, so there’s little reason to believe this will be a competitive series.  Greg Monroe won’t be able to handle Roy Hibbert in the post.  Who’s going to step up and slow down Paul George when he’s on fire?  David West can handle himself down in the block as well.  All signs point to just a dominant performance by the Pacers.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the series is won by an average of double figures.  That’s how strongly I feel like the Pacers should take care of business.

This Pistons team is some time away from even competing for a playoff spot. I just don’t believe that the new pieces all fit together. I don’t feel strong about the head coach in Rasheed Wallace.  I’m very surprised Billups wanted to head back there, but maybe that shows what kind of market there was for him.  When Josh Smith is the big free agent pick up of your team, I don’t foresee much success for you.  The Pacers are going to run over the Pistons, and it won’t matter in the long run as both teams are in opposite directions.

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  • JoshFarc

    I believe the Pistons are starting Drunmond at C and Monroe PF w Josh Smth at SF with Jennings at PG and Billups/Singler/Stuckey? At SG. Need to spread the floor with the backcourt.

    But I mention this because it’ll be Hibbert battling Drummond and Monroe battling West often too.

    Josh smith is a great off ball defender and solid guarding the 3 and 4. No answer for George though for sure got that right.

    Good stuff.

  • piston4eva

    ul be surprised by the pistons…i would put them top3 in the east and wait and watch. Indiana is great but we havent witnessed the greatness of this new group of pistons. Alot of things can happen when you have the best front court in moose,dre,smith, dont rule out jennings and billups,singler,pope. we have some great players who can make a huge difference,all we need is one person between stuckey,datomi,bynum,billups,cv to have a good night,we could crush a lot of teams..all these guys can score very quick and big. i see us at the top in rebonds and block.. we are going to rock this year and give a lot of heart attacks to different teams this year..

    • jack45

      You see these writers all the time with there facts wrong. I guess they come off the street. Drummond is the center, Monroe is a PF or center, Smith can handle his own at the 3 or 4. Detroit needs to just play together and lets see how they match up with Indiana. I do think Detroit has the better bench, we will see and you do have to play the game. All this talk is just talk!!!!

      • jack45

        Maurice Cheeks is the Head coach not Rasheed Wallace. (This Pistons team is some time away from even competing for a playoff spot). They call this a writer, he’s a joke or clown!!!

  • Mel

    Who is the idiot that wrote this post. This person must have crawled out from under a rock. First off Drummond will guard Hibbert and dominate his soft ass. I’ll let “Piston4eva” Explain the rest. But the main reason I’m posting on this wack ass post is that Rasheed Wallace is not the head coach he’s the assistant coach. Maurice Cheeks is the Head coach. Uh Oh, what now, I guess Indiana’s going to win by double digits. We’ll see.

  • Brenn Bell

    This will be an easy practice for the Pacers!

  • jack45

    Not sure why this mess is on Detroit web page!!

  • Stephen Ajamie

    I GREATLY APOLOGIZE THAT IN MY HASTE TO GET SOMETHING WRITTEN I DIDN”T FULLY READ THAT MAURICE CHEEKS IS THE CURRENT HEAD COACH OF THE DETROIT PISTONS. I have corrected that information, and will continue to check my facts before writing anything more.

    • jack45

      May want to start over again, DRUMMOND (starting center) for sure, write his name down. Check facts good deal when writing!!!THE

      • Stephen Ajamie

        Already working on a new post for this. Thank you for being understanding.
        I do understand that Drummond will be your starting center, BUT if I was coaching, I feel like Monroe guarding Hibbert is a better fit. But I am not the coach, but am still entitled to my own opinion about what a team should do. I’m just stating what I think would be a better match up for the Pistons. I don’t feel like Drummond can handle Hibbert in the post with only his year of playing experience. Maybe I am completely wrong about that, but it’s just my own opinion about the matter, and of course I can be proven wrong if the Pacers or Hibbert has a bad series against what looks to be a better team in the Pistons.

  • jack45

    Now get the center right!!

  • jack45

    The Pacers are going to run over the Pistons, and it won’t matter in the long run as both teams are in opposite directions. Not sure what this means, do you have a day job? looks like Detroit is getting better but that’s just me!! THE