Pacers Sign Chris Copeland To Two-Year Deal, Could They Trade Granger?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Indiana Pacers have agreed to a two-year deal with New York Knicks free agent forward Chris Copeland. The deal is worth $6.1 million. Though being a restricted free agent, the Knicks will be unable to match the offer sheet.

Indiana has long been coveting Copeland, and even sent this gifted Pacers package to entice the 29-year-old even more:

Copeland was receiving a ton of interest from many teams. Many had him going to the Los Angeles Lakers if Dwight Howard had re-signed there. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

Indiana really moves themselves up more in contention with the Miami Heat with the addition of Copeland along with the re-signing of David West.

Copeland was pretty solid off the bench for the Knicks last season, averaging 8.7 points and 2.1 rebounds in about 16 minutes off the bench. He also shot 42-percent from behind-the-arc. He easily upgrades the second unit and will play a solid role off the bench.

The question is now is what will the Pacers do with all the wings they have on their roster. Right now, they have Paul George, Copeland, Danny Granger, rookie Solomon Hill and Gerald Green.

Indiana has long been trying to deal Green, and many had the selection of Hill in the NBA Draft as a major head-scratcher.  Could this mean Indiana is looking to deal Granger before the season begins? Indiana has reportedly explored trades for Granger, but nothing really big occurred.

Then again, Indiana could just be looking to deal Green and have four small forwards on their roster. I guess the Pacers could be looking to explore playing time for Copeland and Granger at the 4. With more and more teams in the NBA going small ball, it could work.

I mean, if Copeland were to replace Granger, couldn’t we have signed him for longer? I don’t know, but I must say that Indiana got a good deal with this contract. Welcome to Indiana, Chris Copeland.

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  • Sean Bartz

    Copeland is a power forward, a stretch-4. He’ll back up West. Doesn’t affect the wing rotation.

    • Mark

      Exactly, thanks for being smarter than the writer of the article.

      • Josh Dhani

        Uh? He’s listed as a small forward on almost every other site that has reported this deal.

        • Grant Schmutte

          The way the Knicks played him last year was as a stretch 4. That’s pretty much the reason he didn’t play much in the Pacers series – they didn’t want him guarding David West. Of course, the Knicks played Melo at the 4 most of the time, too.

      • Jamie Rehmel

        He’s not a stretch 4 by any real standard. He could have possibly played the 4 in smaller lineups for the Knicks because of Stoudemire’s injury; but, nevertheless, he is 6’8″ 225 lb forward who doesn’t rebound and spends most of his time on the perimeter. And, as Josh said, he’s listed as a SF on most websites.

  • Ian

    I love the Copeland signing. As a transplanted Hoosier in NYC, I have seen him play a lot. Plus we saw how he energized the Knicks when they put him in against us this year. Dude averaged 22.6 per 40 minutes last season, he can score!
    I don’t see this as an indicator of Danny getting traded and I think like most I assume that it’d be dumb to trade Danny with his value so low right now. The second unit is really starting to shape up:
    ??? (Hill/Green/Copeland)
    This is a genuinely good 2nd unit that I’m excited to see play.

    • Ian

      I forgot OJ too. Very happy with the Bench. And if Granger is coming off the Bench, the Stephenson moves to the starting lineup, and OJ to the 2. Either way.

    • poot

      geez two pacers fans dont know their own roster… this is sad

      • Ian

        Yes, truly I am a terrible fan for not knowing about a free agent signing that happened 3 hours ago.

  • jswidan

    This is an EXCELLENT signing!! A man brought in for offense off the bench. Something the Pacers DO NOT have!!

  • Realist

    • poot

      pendy is a spur.. plumlee still has a roster spot. now sloan does too

      unless danny is traded, he is starting.
      Lance backs up PG. CC backs up DG
      Hopefully we can still sign Landry, but it looks less and less likely

      • Realist

        Wow, I had no idea about Pendy.

        • Realist

          I blame a lack of 8p9s updates. :)

    • poot

      it is sad when pacers fans dont know the players on their roster. cmon now!

  • NLP

    Its still not going to matter unless we give them shots unlike we did with this years group.

    Tyler took 10.7 shots PER36 and we add Cope who took 15.9 and the other move of adding CJ who took 10.9 with the Nets (which was one of his career lowest season) is taking over for DJ who took 8.6. So just those two alone add 7.5 more shots PER36 and that not even factoring the new Hill who is taking over for Sam who was only at 7.7 which was dead last on the team.

    It also doesn’t take into account the Danny factor we replaced DG with lance and he took 9.5 shots P36, He will now have to find those shots on the bench while Danny brings back 16.4 shots PER36 from the two year previous meaning someone else is going to lose shots to begin with not even factoring in the added bench guys who will also need to take some away.

    If Danny is OK and he plays here then its going to be a monster task of finding enough shots to keep everyone happy and effective since we couldn’t even do it last year without Danny, Lance starting and with bench players who took less shots than about anyone in the league.

    Also if Cope is playing PF here he needs to learn how to rebound he had just 5 PER36 last year which was 166th in players with at least 850 MP (Cope had 862 MP) our old PF was 43th in the NBA at 9.8 P36 in 1366 MP and in his PT group he jumped to 32nd of the players with 1350 or more MP and that is a key part to why we lead the NBA in rebounding last year.

    • Jamie Rehmel

      the sheer number of shots is really irrelevant; the percentage is much more important. What is more, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone on the Pacers team will be hard to satisfy with shots or otherwise. I do question how Copeland fits but he certainly wasn’t brought in to rebound. As you pointed out, he doesn’t do that well. I doubt they expect him to produce significantly more than he has already shown he is capable of. he was a 28 year old rookie, the ceiling is just above his head at this point. They must have something else in mind.

      It makes more sense when you consider that their goal is to beat the Heat, who use unorthodox lineups and post players are not a focal point of their offense. Therefore, it is not essential that we have a traditional backup power forward when the Heat do not have the players to really exploit that.

      • NLP

        You need shots to make shots!

        Very few NBA players who are score first type guys are successful when taking limited shots its the main reason our bench sucks so bad and a player like Tyler when getting hardly any shots a game shot around 33% and also why he shot 50% as a starter and seen major spikes in percentage off the bench when getting up around 10 shots a game.

        Its the same reason why Cope shoots just 40.9% when he gets under six shots a game and it spikes to 49.5% when he takes 10 or more. You can also see how his FG% jumps by the time he’s on the floor and by they shots he get up. He shot 40% in the playoffs 50% when getting 6 or more shots and 31% when he didn’t.

        Cope needs shots and time, if we use him like Tyler he is going to be worse than Tyler because at least he could get to the line.

        Its way too hard to be consistent in this league with sporadic usage which is why our bench sucked and also why legit 6th men get starters level FGA and MP.

    • James Lissaman

      I haven’t looked at the stats – but am pretty sure the Pacers get a lot more rebounds from their 2 (Stephenson) and 3 (George) than the NBA average – implying Indiana blocks out with the bigs and cleans up a lot from the wings

      • NLP

        Those guys do pick up a lot of rebounds but the big men are expected to hit the glass with the Pacers as well. PER36 Roy was at 10.4, Tyler 9.8, Ian 8.5 and West 8.3. For NY with guys who played at lest 500 MP which is almost 40% of what our bench guys played 2nd place was 7.7 for Stoudemire with Chandler leading at 11.7.

    • Ian

      I feel like you are confusing cause and effect here. The bench wasn’t bad because it got too few shots, the bench got few shots because it was bad.
      Copeland was less efficient when he had fewer shots because he was shooting badly and got yanked. When he’s shooting well the coach will leave in the hot hand.
      One thing I would like to see, especially with Danny coming back, is more mix and match. Too often Vogel would have all 5 subs out there and I think that’s a mistake. You need to have at least one offensive creator out there. But the addition of Copeland and Watson (Two very efficient outside shooters) means you can create all kinds of interesting mix and match lineups (Hill, Stephenson, Copeland, West, Mahinmi would be a transition monster for example).

      • NLP

        That’s the thing they aren’t bad individuality but they are bad as a group due to usage. This is the place bench players go to die, we have 5 legit starters and they get the PT and when the bench comes in the remaining starters with them that take most all the shots and defenses know that and slow them down.

        There’s a reason our bench sucked, then we added Barbosa and then he sucked having his worst shooting stop of his career. Then we did more or less a total makeover and it still sucked even after we add a player like Cope in Gerald Green last year of a one hit wonder season but with more PT than Cope and bring in Ian shot 56.1% in his career before coming here and then he fell to .45.3% here.

        Unless there is a major change in philosophy the bench will always suck until we break up the starters or make the rotation so short it force feeds the reaming guys PT and shots and treats them like real 6th men of the year types. Adding Danny to the mix means the starters will need even more shots so I just can’t see where those are coming from plus the ones the bench needs unless Roy, West or PG sacrifice even more than needed for DG33 and that’s not something very appealing.

        I’ve been here for 2 full years now saying the same thing about they need shots, PT and roles and they have yet to get them and yet to win us games when the starters flop. If this fails again and we are forced into our 4th fully new bench in 4 years then maybe people will be ready to point the finger to Frank. Y

  • NLP

    That is a sweet package to get in the mail, I wonder if someone from the team went on his twitter and seen the pic of himself on the 2K14 game some fan sent him and noticed Cope saying it would be dope if it was real and used the idea in selling him on the Pacers.

  • poot

    the thing i dont like is this article seems to link the signing of Copeland with the trading of Danny. Chris Copeland makes Danny Granger expendable????

    well we also signed Watson so how about we trade George Hill while we’re at it.

  • poot

    not landing Carl Landry… bummer. seriosuly, we couldn’t make a better pitch than the KINGS could?
    “play for a championship” vs “play for last place”
    “team up with Hibbert, Geroge, West, Hill, etc…” vs “team up with Vasquez and Demarcus cousins”

    lame….. now Pendy is off the table too. lame…. maybe Tyler will be back, it looks like the Bobcats are even too good for him!!!

  • Joe Betz

    Good size at the 3 or great shooting at the 4, Copeland will develop defensively and improve in the Pacers system. The question becomes, how much do you mess with what has worked (the starting five from last year)? Inserting DG into the starting lineup again has the potential to disrupt the roles and rhythm this team gained without him.

    My ideal scenario has DG and Copeland playing together in the second unit, with DG becoming the Pacers Manu. Assuming Pulp continues to improve and earns minutes, I like him backing up Lance…

    But, I don’t think that will happen. Lance will move to the 6th man spot, Copeland will backup Granger, and the Pacers might use Plumlee as the backup 4 if no one is signed.

    • poot

      the Pacers had roles and rhythm offensively last season????
      news to me Joe.
      any change to that league worst offense is welcome. it’s not like you’re messing with a successful formula, the Pacers offense is in desperate need of repair and DG should be a HUGE addition.

      also with how bad the bench was, how could you not want Lance providing a spark as the 6th man? DG is not a Manu type player, Lance is much closer to that Manu/JR/Crawford/Terry type player who can push the ball and penetrate. i hope DG can still do some of that, but we can’t rely on that off the bench.

      • Joe Betz

        The article highlighting Lance’s importance to the starting line up this season cannot be discounted too quickly. The Pacers starting five, again, had insane plus/minus numbers and improved offense efficiency after the break–with a good chunk of that improvement coming from Hibbert’s increased productivity, though. Of course, when DG was in the lineup two seasons ago, the starting five was also really good. It would be interesting for someone to compare those two seasons to see who came out on top (future article hint!).

        I mention DG in a Manu role mostly for his scoring off the bench, leadership, and floor spacing. Lance can penetrate, but his shot isn’t respected…yet. DG would be the main offensive weapon in that unit and would be much deadlier than Lance. When improving the bench, I like the use of a clear starter who can score and is a matchup issue every night vs. a developing player who has talent but lacks consistency and is better served surrounded by 4 other clear offensive options that give him space to cut for easy buckets (aka, the Lance backdoor oops-I-forget-him plays).

    • Jack Wright

      DG in the starting lineup worked great the year before this past one. I think it would work fine either way, but to me having Lance come off the bench makes the most sense.

  • lethargicj

    Trading Granger would be insane. They came within 1 game of the finals with Granger out and George blossoming. With a 1-2 punch of George and Granger in the starting 5 I don’t see how any team in the East stops them from the Finals next year.

    • poot

      all we need is another backup big… maybe Plum will be ready this year, but unlikely given his inability to dominate in the summer league.

      Mahinmi = undersized (similar weight to DG)
      Copeland = way undersized to guard any legit 4
      Solo = undersized (6’6″)
      Lance = undersized even for a SG

  • Ben

    What about the possibility of a backup five with Mahimi at C, Copeland at PF, Watson at PG, and Solomon Hill and Stephenson switching it up at SF and SG? Green would either be traded, cut, or kept in case someone gets hurt. This would also give them plenty of flexibility if Granger were to be hurt on and off for the rest of his career (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen). I don’t think you want to trade Granger…the only thing you will do is give him to another contender in exchange for draft picks. Draft picks don’t help us win a title next year and neither does Granger playing for another team!!! Get better Danny!!!

    • poot

      agree. prior to last year DG played in 92% of all possible games

      it’s not like we’re talking about Oden or Bynum or someone with an injury history, there is no reason to assume the same old Danny won’t be back. and that’s a huge addition

    • demslap

      Just not comfortable w Mahinmi at backup C. Would prefer a true center, or someone who might fit better with the 2nd unit. Brand?

  • NLP

    I wonder how cheap Ivan Johnson would come? He could replace Tyler as the instigator/agitator and keep us from dropping off rebound wise. If we got him we should have enough depth that someone should workout by default.

    • poot

      he could be had. he’s probably in that third tier of remaining free agent PFs:

      tier 1: brand, Tyler, Blair, Maxeill
      tier 2: jamison, kenyon martin, Odom, birdman
      tier 3: Ivan, tolliver, warrick
      tier 4: lou, wilcox, murphy, jeffries, etc…

      i like Tyler or Maxiell, and i doubt either would be too expensive. i also like Brand but he will probably get better offers. blair seems risky, and probably not a good overall fit.
      i dont like any of the tier 2 guys, too old.
      and tier 4 sucks.
      i’d be happy with any of the tier 3 guys on a small 1-2 yr deal.

  • poot


    so far there has been no interest in Tyler. can you believe it? some teams have thrown out fliers to see if he would take a minimum contract. hard to imagine how Tyler feels about that given he was looking for a starting position and starter $$$.

    his best bet all along was the Bobcats, and now they blew the bank on Al Jeff and drafted Zeller. are there any teams out there that would consider Gooch an upgrade at their starting 4? from where i sit: no. They all either have a young player they are developing (Cleveland, Orlando, Utah, etc) or are in rebuild mode (Boston, Phoenix, Sacramento, etc.) So who would sign him for more than the MLE? I see nobody.

    This may be a huge win for the Pacers. if he is willing to come back and “up his worth” with a 1 year contract, the Pacers would be set in the bench. plus it would give no long term ramifications to the cap. rent a Tyler – make it happen Larry!

    • poot

      wow never mind, apparently Toronto (i would have put them in both the developing young player [Amir/Jonas] and rebuild [they suck] categories) is after Tyler!!!

      i mean, under contract they already have Amir, Jonas, Kleiza, Novak, Acy, Camby, Gray… not really sure how Tyler fits in there. I can’t see them starting him over Amir, the only player on that team even closely resembling a competent defender. If Tyler started over him, wow, didn’t think the Raptors could get worse at D but that would be one way.

      another thing going against them- they are already well over the cap. in fact they are so far over that their next signing will take them into the luxury tax.
      if they are offering Tyler the MLE, that is incredible. willing to spend into the luxury for him… Pacers would never make that mistake.

      next year (assuming Jonas & Ross are have their options picked up, and Gay doesnt opt out of $19.3M- all no brainers) the Raptors will be over the cap with these players under contract:
      Jonas / Camby
      Tyler / Novak
      Gay / Fields
      DeRozen / Ross
      (no point guard)

      no idea what the brain trust in T.Dot are thinking. cripple your future for Tyler? that makes them a contender? i am stupified. Really thought the Pacers could get him back on a one year deal. way to blow it for us Raptors!!!!

      • poot

        man i am confused on the Pacers rotations this coming season

        obviously we start Hibbs/West/DG/PG/Hill

        Lance is first off the bench,and West is first to sit.

        so that means Hibbs/DG/PG/Lance/Hill
        this looks like trouble brewing, lot of pressure on Lance as he will have opportunities to drive and dish to shooters or dump off to Hibb or finish himself. On defense, they are long enough, but lack strength at many positions.

        then Copeland comes off then bench for DG?

        so Hibbs/Cope/PG/Lance/Hill
        this is even worse on D as DG can at least play 1 on 1, PG will have to help Cope a lot and Hibbs will need to be able to stay on the floor

        so if Hibbs gets in foul trouble. then Ian/Cope/PG/Lance/Hill
        yikes, i am freaking out looking at that defensive lineup.

        Then Watson comes on around the same time one would assume

        so Ian/Cope/PG/Lance/Watson

        Finally PG needs to sit once in a while so rarely we see
        yikes. so much for defensive identity.

        then to finally spell Lance

        i feel like we are missing a backup PF. being put into some bad situations here…

        • Realist

          I don’t think DG is a lock to start.

          But yes, I agree re the backup 4. Almost getting Tyler back by default would’ve been insanely handy.

          Plumlee hasn’t got it, I don’t think.

          • poot

            i think the only things that could prevent DG from locking up the starting spot are:
            if he is still hurt (10-20% chance he isn’t ready by November)
            if he is traded (5-10% chance this happens)

            so i see his chances of being a starter around 70-85%. not a lock, but pretty likely.

            i have concerns about his condition as we have heard no new news in quite a while.
            and i have concerns about a trade, though minor. there is not much of a market and the best the pacers could get back seems to be cap relief. if this were the case, you’d think they would be bigger players in free agency with room to spend. Denver has been noted as a team that could do a straight up Granger for TPE (from the Iggy S&T.) maybe they could toss in a guy like Randolph or Arthur for good measure. but i dont think it will happen based on the signings this summer it seems that the “lack of backup 4″ is going to fall on the shoulders of small-ball lineups featuring DG or Cope at the 4.

            i dont think Plumlee will get time this year, maybe like Pendy last year.

  • poot


    here’s how some of our summer league players are performing:
    Solomon Hill – - – - 15.3 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 3.0 apg, 1.3 spg 59% / 67% / 75%
    Miles Plumlee – - – 11.3 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 1.7 spg, 3.7 bpg 52% / -% / 75%
    Orlando Johnson – 14.3 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 2.3 apg, 1.0 spg 36% / 21% / 78%
    Donald Sloan – - – 10.3 ppg, 1.7 rpg, 2.7 apg, 0.0 spg 43% / 38% / 91%

    these are the guys who 100% will be Pacers next season.
    Solo Hill, so far, very impressive. great shooting (6-9 from 3) and fills up the stat sheet. should be able to work his way into the rotation, as the 10th man likely, very quickly.
    Plumlee, a revelation. maybe he can actually contribute this season. stellar shotblocking, great rebounding, good shooting

    OJ has been a disappointment, considering how well he played last season. forcing shots (10.3 attempts per game) at a bad %, but at least contributing in other ways
    Sloan made a clutch 3 to tie the Boston game, then missed his next two (including one wide open) attempts to win. he’s been a turnover machine (3.3 per game) and hasn’t offered much else. can’t see him getting any playing time unless Hill/Watson get injured.

    • poot


      Pacers now 2-2 in Summer League:
      Solomon Hill – - – - 14.5 ppg , 5.0 rpg, 3.0 apg, 1.0 spg 55% / 67% / 75%
      Miles Plumlee – - – 10.0 ppg , 9.0 rpg, 1.5 spg, 3.0 bpg 52% / — % / 67%
      Orlando Johnson – 13.8 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 2.8 apg, 1.0 spg 36% / 28% / 82%
      Donald Sloan – - – - 9.3 ppg , 1.8 rpg, 3.0 apg, 0.0 spg 39% / 38% / 92%


      if you compare their Summer League stats to stats of players from last season, here is who they most closely (k score) resemble:

      Solomon Hill = Chandler Parsons (Nic Batum runner up)
      Miles Plumlee = Joakim Noah (Dwight Howard runner up)
      Orlando Johnson = Gerald Henderson (OJ Mayo runner up)
      Donald Sloan = Jason Terry (Jarryd Bayless runner up)

      obviously the comparison players play against NBA talent, not Summer league talent, so it doesn’t translate the same…
      … but just to get an idea of what kind of players we have. this is their potential. i love the possibilities for Solo, Miles and OJ. Sloan, not so much, but could be useful in certain scenarios…


      i haven’t mentioned yet, but i love the picture accompanying this article. Gigantic body with small head. did they really send him this? maybe it was supposed to be a subtle hint:
      put on some weight Cope

      • poot


        Pacers Finish 3-2 in Summer League:
        S. Hill – - – 12.0 ppg , 5.2 rpg, 2.6 apg, 0.8 spg 49% / 56% / 75%
        Plumlee – 10.0 ppg , 9.0 rpg, 1.5 spg , 3.0 bpg 52% / — % / 67%
        Johnson – 14.6 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 2.6 apg , 1.0 spg 40% / 33% / 79%
        Sloan – - – 10.0 ppg , 2.4 rpg, 3.5 apg, 0.2 spg 44% / 36% / 93%

  • Nathaniel Bogan

    Larry Bird has stated he has no intentions to trade granger. We don’t need to trade him to stay under the cap, so I don’t see the need. I believe this is the last year of his contract. With his injury history his contract should not be too expensive, but with having to pay George more we probably won’t be able to afford him anyway. But larry bird has made it pretty clear he doesn’t want to trade. Larry gets his way pretty much always :)

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  • TVC

    If they’re going to trade Granger, they should trade him for a great PG. Granger and a draft pick for Rajon Rondo would be awesome. No offense to George Hill, but let’s face it, he more of a SG than a PG. Rondo would complete a great line up. George Hill and Lance would have to share time though…

    • poot

      right now giving up DG means giving up a lot of size, because as it stands, our first starter to hit the bench (DWest) will be backed up at the 4 by Cope and DG.

      Then if Hill is a SG, all of these guys are best suited to play SG: G.Hill, Lance, OJ, S. Hill. and this assumes that PG won’t play any 2.

      i think it makes the problem- how do you play all your 2s? and who do you play at the 4? seems like this will invoke a lot of small ball lineups, and getting away from the identity the Pacers imposed last season does not look like a smart plan to me.

      if this trade were to go through, i think it’d have to be Rondo + Bass for Granger + picks.
      This helps Boston because it gives them some depth where they have none (SF) and it clears like $7M off their books next summer. (plus the $13M due to Rondo)
      Assuming Boston keeps Sullinger and re-signs or extends Bradley, both very likely, Boston would be over the cap next year as they stand. Take out Rondo/Bass and now Boston is ~$20M under the cap (MAX free agent room) with this core:
      Sullinger / Melo / Iverson
      Green / Wallace
      Brooks / Lee

      meanwhile Pacers get a star point, the backup big they sorely need (who already has experience backing up DWest) and look like this the next 2+ seaons:
      Hibbert / Mahinmi / Plumlee
      West / Bass
      George/ Copeland / S.Hill / Green
      G. Hill / Lance / OJ
      Rondo / Watson / Sloan

      with incredible versatility since Cope can stretch to 4, PG/S.Hill down to 2 or G.Hill/Lance down to point.

      scary good, they could be.

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