NBA Free Agency: Indiana Pacers Next Moves

Now that David West is locked up, the Indiana Pacers can focus their attention on the other needs of their team. A need to find that scoring threat off the bench. I still believe you let Danny Granger come off the bench, but it sounds like he wants to start, and well I think he’ll end up doing that. That puts Lance Stephenson back on the bench, which I am not sure how that will effect him. Hopefully, he’ll take it with a good mental edge, and provide that same energy to the bench as he did with the starters.

With West’s deal, and all the money tied up in other guys, the Pacers don’t have much more to work with. I think bringing in some veteran like Chauncey Billups could help the team. I don’t think he would be asking for too much, and I think he wants to play on a contending team at this point in his career. It gives the bench that veteran presence as well, which is something they would know. Last season, no guy really provided that type of floor leadership when going to the bench, so the Pacers would be well suited to look for that. I think Billups can provide that and some scoring punch when needed as well.

At the same time, the Pacers might have to find some big man as Tyler Hansbrough is on his way out. He originally received the qualifying offer from the Pacers, but they rescinded it as it looked like the writing was on the way. Hansbrough provided that type of energy needed for the team, and I do think he was a big part of this turnaround the Pacers have made. It’s a bit of a shame to see him go, and now the Pacers have to look to fill that void. That could come in the way of Jeff Pendergraph, who could come at a cheap price tag. Bringing him off the bench could work out for his game as at times he looked good enough to fill that role.

That’s really what the Pacers need right now, the role players. Guys that know what they need to do, come in, and do that. There’s not much room for that difference maker, but with championship teams, you need those role players. The Pacers will start looking for that, and then the real work of putting the team on the same page begins.

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  • Donald Ray Andry

    Letting Tyler go was hard to accept, since he is a fan favorite. But the truth is, he seemed to aggitate the other teams to cause them to be determined to out play and beat the Pacers. The free throws he earned by continually drawing fouls mostly went unnoticed as far as effecting the outcome of the game. With forcing his jumpers, losing the ball underneath if no foul call, aggitating the opponent, fouling at the other end, all negated his ability to rebound at both ends and again noneffect on final outcome. I enjoyed Tyler and wish him well. Hopefully someone will give him the opportunity to be a starter. I hope he relaxes and plays naturally instead of forcing everything with all his might.

    • Stephen Ajamie

      I think you hit it on the head with the fact that he does seem to force way too much. Especially when trying to get to the basket. I understand he’s probably going to get to the free throw line because of it. But at the same time, that jump shot he had going left him. If he can get that going again, then he definitely will make a difference on a team.

  • Donald Ray Andry

    Saw where Nuggets signed Hickson to $15 for 3 years. I consider Hickson the same type player as West. I think he would have been a great asset for the Pacers. Thrilled to get Copeland but I would have moved him to SF. Delfino also signed to Bucks. Looks like the payroll hindered a possible complete coup of retooling the bench with a formidable five!

    • Stephen Ajamie

      West does provide that voice of leadership though, and hence you have to keep him around. I am interested to see how Copeland fits in, and would have loved to spend some more money on the bench side of things. But with keeping the same guys around, you have a chance to work together and hopefully get to the NBA Finals this coming season. Now just to see who fits in that starting line up, Danny Granger or Lance Stephenson.

      • Donald Ray Andry

        I wish the Pacers could have worked a deal to trade Green for picks and used the monies on Hickson or Speights. I felt Hickson’s game fit the same as West only coming off the bench to spell West and give the bench a bonifide rebounder in place of Hansbrough but much more effective scoring the ball. I also felt the Clippers strung out the trading of Bledsoe in order to get rid of Butler’s salarie. I had hoped Bird would have sweetened the pot for LAC to acquire Bledsoe. Even though he wanted to start, he would be vying for an NBA championship and he definitely would have been a game breaker for us. Granger to Clips would have been worth it. Butler is no slouch. Not much required as minutes per game in spelling George. Win-win as I see it. Would have been in the 15% and freed up about $1.6 mil. With Green gone that would have been $5.1 to offer Hickson or Speights.

        • Stephen Ajamie

          I think we’re stuck with Green for the next two years. ha. And he’ll have to just give whatever he can.