Mar 25, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers guard Gerald Green (25) goes up for a break away dunk against Atlanta Hawks guard John Jenkins (12) at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeats Atlanta 100-94. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumor: Jimmer Fredette for Gerald Green

As an Indiana Pacers fan, you see that trade at first, and you say, let’s do it.  Gerald Green didn’t exactly pan out for the Pacers as he was wildly inconsistent, and just down right awful at times.  He has there for some highlight reels, but when it came to playing in the offense, he couldn’t find his niche there.  He wouldn’t be able to complete passes, and work off the dribble.  He was good for some shots here and there, but overall, I don’t think he was worth the signing. So you ship him out, and let the Sacramento Kings take over the next two years of his contract.

But I’ve also seen the rumor that the Kings want the first round draft pick of the Indiana Pacers.  This is where I start to wonder if the Pacers should pull the trigger. I know this isn’t the strongest draft, but I really like those Michigan guys that have shown up in the mock drafts for the Pacers.  Tim Hardaway Jr and Glen Rice Jr seem like two guys that could come in and contribute for the Indiana Pacers.  Each guy has some offensive skill set that would work out well for the Pacers if they’re ready to go.  That’s where I think, do the Pacers want to give up that first round pick for Jimmer Fredette?

He’s a guy that’s averaged around  7 points in two seasons for the Kings.  He’s someone that could probably come in and play some short minutes to get the Pacers some scoring. I don’t know if it would be much scoring, and would it be that much of an improvement over Green?  This is where you just really have to look hard at this possible trade, and say does it work for both parties?

Would you pull the trigger on this trade if it had to be Gerald Green and the first round draft pick for Jimmer Fredette?

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  • wyocard

    If the Pacers can get Jimmer in this or just about any other trade, it will be remembered as one of the best the franchise ever made. He is obviously a great shooter and play–maker who has never been given a fair chance or a decent coach in Sacramento. He would give the Pacers instant offense off the bench and will play adequate defense under the right coach in the right system.

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Very good points made. I think if he can provide that consistently, then sure let’s go for it. The instant offense is very important for that bench, so I like that you have made that point.

  • Ian

    I agree with the sentiment of the article.

    √ Green for Jimmer
    X 1st Rd. for Jimmer

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Thanks for reading, and glad to see you’re on the same page. I just feel like draft picks are important in the long run, so giving them up unless you know you’re getting something strong back isn’t worth it.

      • Ian

        I just think it would be an uneven trade for the Pacers, and would further the feeling around the league that the Pacers can be pushed around a bit when it comes to trades (stemming from the Hill-Leonard trade where the Spurs were able to force the Pacers to give up a second round pick and Erazem Lorbek).

        Fredette was the 10th pick 2 years ago. Compare that to another rumored trade in the NBA, Thomas Robinson (5th pick last year) for this year’s 19th or 20th pick. And while both these players haven’t really had a chance to prove themselves, Fredette has certainly had more. I certainly don’t feel his worth the opportunity to develop a new player like a Hardaway or the guy I want should he slip as some predict he may, Dennis Schroeder.

        • Stephen Ajamie

          Now that Larry Bird is back in the mix though, do you think this trade might have some more legs under it? I think Bird loves that idea of this type of instant scorer for the team, and what better way for him to start getting his hands back in the mix, then with a trade on draft night or soon after that.

          • Ian

            Definitely. Larry loves shooters, and the other thing about Larry is that he tends to hold to his original scouting report on players even after they go to another team (again, i.e. George Hill). Jimmer was on Larry’s radar before the 2011 draft and I don’t think that has changed.

          • Stephen Ajamie

            I didn’t realize that nugget about Larry and Jimmer. I guess it makes sense since Bird was a shooter, he’s keen on those. He does deserve a ton of credit for seeing something in Lance Stephenson, which is a whole other article. But still, I think Bird being back is going to do good things. Just wants to put the finishing touches on this team, and why not, when he’s been such a big part of it.

  • CP

    INIANA would be a good fit Jim. Let’s make it happen Pacers!

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Would you give up a draft pick for Jimmer to come here?