Roy Hibbert Has Pictures of Himself Blocking Carmelo Anthony

We all remember back in the second round of this year’s playoffs between the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks when Roy Hibbert blocked Carmelo Anthony’s dunk attempt in Game 6.

The block is going to be looked back on for years to come, and Hibbert will apparently get to live that moment every day as he tweeted out a photo of the two framed pictures he had of himself blocking Melo.

Great man cave material, for sure.


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  • Vanna Huot

    His soft rigidy ass is so full of himself.

    • Jack Wright

      his ass is soft AND rigid? impressive

      • Vanna Huot

        soft is a slang also, smart guy.

  • snopup

    While I will always cherish that moment, and am pleased Roy is keeping it was well, after last-night’s d*ck-boxing by LeBron on Splitter this is now just another great block.

    • disqus_BtHoZmNRtY

      sportscenter showed hibbert’s block just as much as lebrons. stop being a little bitch.

      • Nathaniel Bogan

        They definitely did not lol. Every time sportscenter was turned on for 3 or 4 days they showed it. Not the same with Roys block

    • espn blows

      lebrons block was much less impressive.
      who did he block? the “5th-6th best guy” on the spurs?
      what was the game situation? 9 minutes left, up 20 in game 2?

      then consider roy’s block:
      who did he block? the league’s leading scorer, best player on knicks?
      what was the game situations? 5 minutes left, down 2 in a closeout game?

      leave it to ESPN though to slurp on lebron for what i call “just another great block.” roy’s block will always be epic and is easily top two of greatest playoff blocks ever (prince’s will always be up there)

      Slurping lebron’s
      Peepee disguised as

    • llcoolray3000

      Hibbert blocking Carmelo was 10 times more important and impressive than Bron Bron’s block.

  • Jaret Binford

    Love that block it is basically the pacer’s ABA logo.

  • Nathaniel Bogan

    Have been looking forward to a post summarizing season, but it’s been awhile… are we going to get anything like that?

    • poot

      this site is notorious for abandoning us between the time the Pacers are eliminated and the next season is just about to begin.
      you’ll find the articles are few and far between, even with topics like the season summary, draft, free agency, potential trades, and even early outlooks ripe with possibility.
      I will come on from time to time to post articles. many will remember my article about Reggie Miller being inducted to the Hall of Fame last summer (excerpt: “Reggie even went so far as to call Cheryl Miller the greatest female basketball player of all time. Really Reggie? Have you forgotten about Chris Bosh?”)

      I post them as a comment on the most recent article…. so STAY TUNED!!!

      • Philip Tarrant

        There has been a disappointing lack of anything about the draft. Solomon Hill seems like he could well be the next Sam Young

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