West Likely to Re-sign with Pacers, but Clippers, Grizzlies and Hawks Will Try To Make Run at Him


Two years ago, many teams were a little skeptical about signing ex-Hornets power forward David West, who tore his ACL towards the end of the 2011 season.

After opting out of his contract with New Orleans, the two main teams that remained interested in the veteran were the Indiana Pacers and Boston Celtics. The Celtics reportedly offered West a three-year deal, while Indiana gave him a two-year, $20 million offer. West opted to sign with Indy, as he was unsure of where Boston’s future was heading.

Though the Celtics ended up being one game away from the NBA Finals in 2012, West should now be glad that he signed with Indiana instead, as both franchises look like they’re in completely different directions now. The Celtics were knocked out of the first round, leaving the futures of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in a questionable state, while the Pacers remain close with the Heat in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals.

Making it to the Finals or not this season, West will be a free agent this summer.

But he wants to stay in Indiana, according to Fox Sports Florida. (via CBS Sports)

“Yeah,” West said an interview with Fox Sports Florida after his team fell behind 3-2 in the Eastern Conference finals. “I love what we’ve been able to accomplish in the lockout season (of 2011-12) and this full season. And I just pretty much love how this group has grown together since I’ve been there.”

West signed a two-year, $20-million deal with the Pacers before last season. He was asked if he’s had any talks yet with Indiana officials about re-signing.

“I don’t think we can officially,” said West of the free agency period starting July 1. “But these guys know that I’m with them [for the future].”

Regardless, after his exceptional performance these past two years, many teams will be looking to make a push for the 32-year-old in free agency.  West, who averaged 17.1 points this season, could be lured in by several teams who will be in need of help at the four.

According to The Sporting News, those teams are the Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers.

I guess that makes sense.

Atlanta will be in need of power forward help this off-season as Josh Smith most likely will be playing in a different uniform next season. The Grizzlies have been rumored to move Zach Randolph this offseason, especially after his extremely poor performance in the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio  Spurs. The Clippers deal would be interesting, as they could bring West in as bench role or it could indicate they may be trading someone.

Nonetheless, all signs have pointed to West returning to the Pacers for another season.

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  • dwaink

    stay David and see where u can take this team…u are the man :) and I for one am glad u are a Pacer!

  • Joe Betz

    I think West gets a similar deal, but perhaps one that is front loaded to provide more flexibility with Lance and Paul during future negotiations, where, ideally, they would take back-loaded contracts. Most things I have read show someone not being around after next season from the starting five + Granger. I’m not so sure. Granger certainly won’t be offered the type of money he is making now, so I wouldn’t be surprised, I guess, if he leaves—-unless he accepts less money in hopes of adding a championship to his career in Indiana, I’m not sure how the Pacers keep him if their belief in Paul George continues to solidify.

    • wesmont

      Would love to hear what the Pacers have in mind.Can’t lose D West,he IS the heart and soul of this team.His presence made this team.They all grew up just being around this professional.Who do we sign this year?Who next?

  • Ian

    Don’t know if I see him fitting with any of those teams. If Josh Smith leaves the Hawks, they need a center so Holford can finally play PF. Getting West would just stick them in the same spot they are now. I don’t see him signing with the Clippers to come off the bench, they obviously aren’t trading Griffin. And I’m not sure what the point of swapping Z-Bo for West is. West and Gasol play a very similar game.
    I think it’s obvious he wants to stay, the real question will be can the Pacers sign him to a deal that doesn’t destroy their flexibility.

  • Jaret Binford

    We need West to make the pie-in-the-sky-dream-trade to happen. We dump Granger (with some tears and farewells) and pick up CP3 so he can play with his old bud DWest. Have Ghill or lance off the bench for some punch.

  • planecrush31

    Another team like Portland did on Hibbert will put a tonsof money on David West.They cant afford to lose this guy he and Hibbert are the reason they went so deep in the playoffs despite having horrible bench.This guy can give you another good 3-4 years.All Indy needs to do is stack up the bench with some good three point shooters and get rid of the garbage that they have now D.J. Augustin,Gerald Green,Ben Hansbrough,Jeff Pendergraph,Miles Plumlee, and omg the worst ever Sam Young.And maybe, maybe trade Granger ONLY if they get something worth it in return if not then keep Granger