Chris "Birdman" Andersen Knocks Tyler Hansbrough To The Ground In Game 5

Early in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami Heat big man Chris “Birdman” Andersen almost got himself ejected when he shoved Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough to the ground.

After a missed layup ensued, both players ran to the other side of the court; however, Birdman decided to bump into Hansbrough, knocking him to the floor. Obviously, the 6-9 Hansbrough wasn’t pleased, and as both tried settling the situation, Birdman gave him forceful shove.

Good job by the ref to clear Andersen out of the area. Pushed him away like a tackling sled.

Birdman was hit with a flagrant (and personal) foul while Hansbrough, for some reason, received a technical.

It would have been interesting if both started exchanging blows. A fight like Birdman vs. Psycho T just sounds like some WWE pay-per-view event. Luckily for civility, that didn’t happen, and fortunately for the Heat veteran, he wasn’t ejected.

But the league with review the play tomorrow and consider upgrading Andersen’s foul to a flagrant 2, which would leave his suspended for Game 6.

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  • lil-bang

    Glad Hansbrough didn’t flop like a weiner like Lebron did in round 2 when he got pushed. Was it because Lebron was a superstar or that Lebron flopped that Mohammed got ejected from that game (or that Joey Crawford was the official), compared to Hansbrough??? Guess we will never know.
    Not sure what Hansbrough did wrong, got cheap shotted from behind on a dead ball, then got up and Birdman approached him and iniated contact, then Birdman shoved him…good call refs.
    One thing was obvious about last nights game, Refs weren’t going to make a call that would possibly change the end result in the game (aka Birdman getting ejected). May not have made a big deal, but Birdman kept that crowd up when Indiana was controlling that game at that point.
    Two years in a row things get a little tense between Miami and Indiana, and Miami has to throw a cheap shot. Last year Pittman, this year Birdman. Both players don’t get ejected. Amazing. Hopefully Birdman does get suspended from game 6, he is a little more valuable than Pittman, and let’s hope the Pacers make them pay. Sure makes it hard to believe the officials don’t get pursuade to call games towards certain teams.
    Go Pacers!!!

    • disqus_BtHoZmNRtY

      Is this english?

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