Pacers Lose Game 1 in Overtime to Miami

It was the best of time. It was the worst of time.

A crazy Paul George three-pointer extended the game to OT despite some suspect play down the stretch. Obviously, the takeaway is that the Pacers blew a chance to win the first game of this series on the road. They were up 1 with 2.2 to play in overtime and let LeBron James walk to the hoop for a layup. The real problem was a bad decision by George to over-deny the pass but still let James get the pass.

Then, LeBron easily went by him.

Easy layup.

We can debate all day whether or not Roy Hibbert should have been in the game to protect the rim. I have mixed feelings. I understand what Frank Vogel did, but think Hibbert should have been on the court. Then again, given the play the Heat ran, I’m not sure Roy would have been in position to stop James at the rim. Or maybe he would have been.

Who knows?

Either way, George made a bad decision. He over-denied. It was his job to make sure LeBron didn’t catch and drive. He allowed LeBron the lane.

Let’s not kill George either though. Not for one play.

Without his unreal three and his clutch free throws, this game doesn’t come down to this, but he was the guy who let LeBron get to the hoop — not Frank Vogel. It was his job to prevent that drive from happening and force a James jumper and he failed to get it done.

More than one play, however, that was a really tough game for Indiana to lose. Huge opportunity lost.

But there are many takeaways.

One is that they can challenge this Miami team. They were right there.

Not stealing Game 1 may be the difference in this series, but it is encouraging to know that Indiana can play just as well as Miami, if not better, for 52 minutes and 57 seconds, even if it didn’t result in a win.

In many ways, the Pacers dictated how this game was played. In Miami.

They will try again on Friday. Another loss will put them in a 2-0 hole that will be tough to come back from. Winning one game in Miami is critical and now Indiana only has one more chance.

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  • djmcba

    A lot of people are going to blame Vogel for this loss- fact of the matter is that Bosh draws Hibbert away from LeBron on the drive (most likely). PG also makes a BAD defensive play. That said, I probably keep Hibbert in the game. That largely guarantees Bosh an open jumper but coming out of the timeout your plan isn’t to concede an open shot.

    Still, the takeaway is that we aren’t going anywhere. The Heat aren’t growing overnight – we are bigger and will continue to exploit that. More importantly, Paul George is also closer to making THE LEAP than most thought (myself included).

    Go Pacers. Game two is just the next opportunity.

    • everythingispolitics

      That was the Pacers’ best shot, and the only winnable game in Miami. Their next best chance will be a must win in indy Game 3. They have to win 4 out of 6 against a team that has LeBron James. Good luck.

      • djmcba

        Troll on your own site Heat fan. Good luck getting 16 points on 100% shooting from Birdman.

        • Todd

          Haha, nice djmcba. Will say that we won’t be getting ft disparity next game, but I would like to think that, save for Hansbrough, we will get a LITTLE something from the bench. We need a three here and there from OJ, a jumper from D.J. Just to stem the tide. PG played 47 minutes tonight guarding the best player on the planet.

  • lil-bang

    Vogel over thought this just like he does everything else, and Paul George was over confident in himself and over played Lebron on that last drive…when a final play is going to happen, do you give a guy a contested layup, or an open jumper, whether it is Lebron or Bosh you give them the open jumper plain and simple.
    Vogel gets an F for this game:
    1. He not only took Hibbert out once and Lebron got a easy lane to the basket, he did it twice.
    2. Both final possession for the Pacers in regulation and OT were horrid. Maybe this is execution, but this team still has a problem with closing out a game and it has been that way all year, so that partly goes on the coach for not getting it figured out by now, he has done better drawing up some plays, but last night looked bad. (32 ft off balance 3 point shot, and a stolen inbound pass that luckily resulted in a touch foul call on a 25 ft 3 point attempt…great plays)
    3. When Lebron and Dwade have 5 fouls on them in that last 2 minutes of play, every play should be a drive to the basket…most the time I am happy with a 17ft jumper by West, but not when you have a chance to put the pressure on those 2 and get one of them out of the game…Miami (mainly wade and james) use to be the guys that would take the easy route and take the jumper, but they have learned now you win by attacking the basket, especially when the refs are whistle happy.

    Good game Pacers. Wish you could have made it a great one. Hard to brush that off and come back 2 nights later, we will see how tough this team really is Friday night.

    • Realist

      Well said.

  • dwaink

    whoooooa back up the truck, the Pacers played a bad game, 20 TO, and still drug it in to OT and almost won it…when Miami said they were ready and waiting for this team. I got nothing but luv for em, they put on a hellofa show, they were the giant killers when the giant stated up front he was gonna crush em. Miami came away injured, and while the Pacers got some dings, the wrestled Miami every step of the way. for the most part Lance was a no show, trick or treat indeed,i got really sick of watching his man get a put back or a rebound…and those 50/50 balls with his name on em…Miami got em, snap the fck out of it Lance u got to play balls to the wall for your team to advance…..controlled aggression! That means throughout the whole game no matter what calls make u want to mope, are u ready to go home for the summer?…then play like u ain’t!
    This team served notice to Miami, and no matter what the bandwagoner heatelss say, the Pacers just rocked their world. All they got to do is play like that every game and Miami will crack, they can’t take the strain, they will implode GO PACERS GO PACERS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Jack Wright

    I don’t really want to add anything else to the questionable decision by Vogel, but I will anyway:

    For me it’s less about defensive strategy in that situation, and more about which guys do we trust the most. Do we really trust Hansbrough and Sam Young in that situation? We’re a better, more confident group when all five starters are in. I don’t care that there’s only 2 seconds left. Get our best guys in there and don’t give it a single second thought. Having Hibbert on the bench also might’ve given the Heat a little psychological boost going into that final play.. But who knows.

    Anyway, PG overcommitted and that was that. There are tons of things to take away from this game. One of the biggest ones for me was this: What do we say about George Hill…..? Way, way, way too often the guy just doesn’t show up to play. Usually on the road, but at home occasionally. And his ability to deal with the Heat’s defensive pressure was abysmal last night. I’m starting to very seriously question if he should be our point guard and floor leader in the coming years….

    Alright. Let’s put this deflating game behind us and go win a championship. We can do it. This Heat squad is increasingly giving me the inkling that we might possibility have another ’04 Lakers-esque disappointment on our hands, and I think if that’s true, it’d be the Pacers taking them down.

    • Jack Wright

      Looking at the box score, I guess Hill did have 7 assists and 5 steals. Idk. Hit a damn shot, George!

      And I’m very worried / 99.9% positive that this will be Hansbrough’s best game of the series. Hope I’m wrong obviously.

  • Richard Kim

    It was an awful loss. But at the end of the day the Pacers got here because of Vogel and PG, if Vogel and PG cost you the game what are you gonna do. Without those two guys this team is the Hawks. Can’t do anything but suck it up and move on.