Apr 14, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Paul George (24) shoots a free throw during the fourth quarter against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Knicks won 90-80. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Playoffs 2013: Paul George Has Dominant Indiana Pacers Performance

Today’s performance by Paul George might not have been the best shooting performance, but overall this has to go down as one of the best Pacers player performances in a playoff game.  Paul George had only the second triple double in the playoffs for the franchise, and he was doing it all out there as he had to score and play defense.  He held his ground on that defensive end as guys struggled to make shots and generally looked like they didn’t know what to do.  But George also got to the free throw line a lot of times.  Going to the line 18 times and making 17, which was one short of a franchise record as well.  How about grabbing 11 rebounds and dishing out 12 assists?  He could have had some more assists if he was able to make some better passes.  That’s still the one weakness to Paul’s game.  Passing just seems to be a downfall at times.  Today, included a pass that almost went into the basket as a made shot.  If he can clean that area up, he’ll have the best well rounded game for the Pacers.

But today was truly the best way for George to come out for the playoffs. I wrote up a couple of days ago that Paul George had to come to play, and he must have read my article as he looked to be very aggressive. There wasn’t an Atlanta defender that could keep up with George during the game, and that will be an area, where the Pacers can really use to their advantage.  If George can continue to be aggressive, he’ll continue to see scoring options at the line.  But the other areas of passing and rebounding show how far George has come.  This was truly a break out game for him as well.  We always talk about guys need to step up the game come playoff time, and George did that today.

You could just see the confidence build up and build up in George as the game wore on.  Just imagine if this keeps up.  We’ll see what a dominant player can do for this Pacers team.  That could go a long way for the road to Miami, who we might as well think will be there waiting in the Conference Finals.  Paul George will have to be this good for the rest of the playoffs if they want to make it to the Conference Finals. I was worried about this first round, but with today’s performance I feel much better.  Atlanta could steal a game, but this should go five games, and George will continue to impress us with his play if no one can contain him on Atlanta.

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