Pacers Face Hawks in Round One; Play Game 1 Sunday at 1:00 PM

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The Bulls took care of business against the Wizards last night (while the Hawks sat their best players last night against the Knicks and lost), so Chicago earned the five seed and the right to face the Nets in the first round. Thus, Pacers/Hawks: the matchup tens of people can’t wait to see.

I kid, of course. Pacers fans likely got the matchup they wanted, avoiding the a Bulls team that, as one fan tweeted at me yesterday, could have turned The Fieldhouse into United Center South.

As you can see in the screen shot above from ESPN’s series webpage, everyone — this writer included — likes the Pacers to win. Atlanta is a fine team, but Indiana is better. And the Pacers’ defense should be able to limit those things that the Hawks do best.

With the way Frank Vogel’s boys have been getting smoked in first halves lately, it might go six games. But I would be surprised if it goes seven. And I would be absolutely shocked if the Hawks manage an upset.

Pacers have home court advantage so the first two games will be in Indiana, as will games five and seven if necessary.

First Round Schedule (all times ET)

Game 1: @Indiana, Sunday 4/22, 1:00 pm (TNT)
Game 2: @Indiana, Wednesday 4/24, 7:30 pm (NBA TV)
Game 3: @Atlanta, Saturday 4/27, 7:00 pm (ESPN)
Game 4: @Atlanta, Monday 4/29, TBD
Game 5: @Indiana, Wednesday 5/1, TBD (if necessary)
Game 6: @Atlanta, Friday 5/3, TBD (if necessary)
Game 7: @Indiana, Sunday 5/5, TBD (if necessary)

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  • Philip Tarrant

    Sweet! I’ll be able to catch games 1, 3, and 4 even with my second shift schedule. I was worried we’d face the Bulls rather than Hawks, so big thanks to ATL for resting starters.

  • Will

    New York ESPN radio shows saying ATL felt the Nets were better so they would’ve rather faced the Pacers. Suckas.

    • Andrew Wills

      in the last two weeks, there is no doubt that the Nets have been better, but thats the last two weeks. I’m a little bit worried given the state of the Pacers D, but maybe they were saving their energy… Go Pacers

    • correct me if i’m wrong

      lol the Hawks strategics… that makes me laugh. they know they are getting bounced no matter who they play- i guess they think they have a better chance of stealing a game or two.

  • Reggie

    Would’ve preferred to play the bulls, they’re a lot more banged up than the hawks. would have been an easy series, conserve energy for the NYK

    • correct me if i’m wrong

      wow you are delusional. the Bulls are playoff tested- guys like Hamilton (126) Boozer (66) Deng (43) Noah (31) Hinrich (46) and Gibson (27) have played tons of playoff big games. Hell even guys like Radmanovic (46) and Mohammed (66) have played more than the Pacers most experienced player- West (35)

      who cares if they are injured or don’t get Rose back, they are veterans who know how to win in the playoffs. I would be surprised if they don’t “Upset” Brooklyn

  • Reggie

    i cant remember- do they not schedule the game dates for the next round until all the first round games are completed? does that mean second round can start even if another pair of teams are finishing up a first round series?

    • correct me if i’m wrong

      they can schedule them as soon as the teams that would play each other (ie IND and NY) have finished their respective series.
      the second round may overlap the first round, but by no more than 1 game. so if IND and NY both sweep, they could start their series while other teams are still playing out the first round. but Game 2 won’t happen until every other team left has played Game 1 in the second round

  • Joe Betz

    Pacers in 4. Defense will be reenergized; PG and Lance have developed well during the season; Roy is starting to score more consistently; West is healthy; Hill should be healthy. The only question, as always, will be whether or not the bench blows leads. I like this year’s squad much better than last year’s, so I think it will leak less in the playoffs…and hey, maybe even Green will play with confidence and bust out a 20 point game?

  • Derek Cooper

    If GH is healed up+ if pendergraph gets a lot of minutes pacers in 4 (maybe 5). I read vogels gonna play the starters big minutes+ stagger RH+DW a bit so there’s almost always one out there.