Countdown to the 2013 Playoffs

The 2012-2013 NBA season is drawing to a close. With that in mind, 8p9s will be counting down toward four key goals that this year’s Pacers have within reach:

1. Central Division Title – ACHIEVED
2. Homecourt Advantage in the First Round – ACHIEVED
3. #3 Seed
4. #2 Seed

We’ll do this using “Magic Numbers” (established as of March 25) and updating the following charts regularly, along with key information about the Pacers and their opponents in each race.

thermos0413  (charts last updated on the morning of 4/13; #3 magic number set on 3/25 – #2 is Knicks’ magic number to eliminate the Pacers as of 4/8) 

What happened last night?

The Pacers tried to win a game with almost three quarters tied behind their backs – again.

Unfortunately for Indiana, the Nets are not the Cavs, and they blew a chance to clinch the #3 seed. Given Brooklyn’s schedule, Indiana will need to win one of their final three games to grab the #3 – thanks to their division title. It seems like a reasonable goal, provided you completely ignore the team’s play in April.

Elsewhere, the Knicks beat the Cavs, knocking their magic number for locking up the #2 seed to 1.

What’s happening tonight?

The Pacers get to think about how poorly they’ve been playing, while sitting in New York.

 The Race Details

Pacers’ Remaining Schedule

  • Next Game: @ New York Knicks (52-27 overall, 29-10 at home) on Sunday, April 14th.
  • Pacers Remaining Schedule: 3 total games (1 home, 2 on the road, 2 vs. teams over .500)
  • Pacers’ remaining SoSHR: .563 (8th hardest in the NBA)

Central Division Title - ACHIEVED

Homecourt Advantage in the First Round - ACHIEVED

#3 Seed in the East

  • Closest Opponent: Brooklyn Nets
  • Magic Number: 1
  • Nets’ Remaining Schedule: 3 games (2 home, 1 road, 1 vs. teams over .500)
  • Nets’ Remaining SoSHR: .424 (24th hardest in the NBA)
  • Tiebreaker: Correction: Pacers technically hold the tiebreaker, as division winners get the nod over non-division winners. Nets hold the tiebreaker (up in season series 2-0 and will win it, though the teams play once more in Indiana on April 12)

#2 Seed in the East

  • Closest Opponent: New York Knicks
  • Magic Tragic Number: 1
  • Knicks’ Remaining Schedule: 3 games (2 home, 1 road, 2 vs. teams over .500)
  • Knicks’ Remaining SoSHR: .408 (26th hardest in the NBA)
  • Tiebreaker:  Pacers hold the tiebreaker (up in season series 2-1, but the two teams play one last game in New York on April 14, and a 2-2 split could favor New York, which currently has a slightly better winning percentage against Eastern Conference opponents)


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  • Jack Wright

    Dude. C’mon. Our goal is the 2 seed. 3 seed is a bad regular season for us.

    • Philip Tarrant

      I understand the sentiment, haha. However, 2 or 3 seed makes no difference this year. We’ll be playing the bulls/celts/hawks/bucks and their seedings are more in flux than ours. Also, either seed means we don’t face Heat till Conference Finals and face the same other teams until then. If our goal is Conference Finals and beyond, either seed is as beneficial as the other.

      • Jack Wright

        we want that home field advantage over the knicks dude

        • Realist


          As informative as that article is/was on “Who we should hope to face in the first round”, it’s incredibly short-sighted for a team that should be aiming to play in June.

          We want the 2-seed so we have home court in the second round against NYK. We should be fuming that Miami rested James and Wade against NYK and slightly annoyed that the Knicks are on fire at the moment.

          If we can’t beat any of the current 5/6/7 seed teams, we don’t deserve anything other than to hang our heads in shame.

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  • dwaink

    Go Pacers!!!

  • Philip Tarrant

    Nice setup, love the stats

  • Realist

    Okay. So the Knicks win @MIA, @ATL and now @OKC. What a joke. The 2-seed is gone.

    Time to beat CLE and BKN at home, lock up the 3-seed (and a 50 win season, fwiw) and then just rest the entire starting five for the last three games, including @NYK. Especially since West, Hill and Lance had those little injuries not too long ago and Roy and PG must be gassed.

    And we know Vogel will be leaning on them big time in all playoff series’.


  • Realist

    We have a 3 1/2 game lead over the Nets, not 1 1/2.