Mar 19, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Gerald Green (25) dribbles the ball against the Orlando Magic at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The Pacers won 95-73. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Green Needs to Make that Leap

Dear Gerald Green,

You’ve had two excellent games.  Can you string together a few more of those, and finally come around to that potential that you’ve shown from time to time?  The two games of 15 and 20 points is nice.  But a consistent 10-15 points would be even nicer.  Making a good athletic play for a spectacular dunk is great.  It gets you the high light reels and some fame for that.  But those hustle plays and just making the right pass is an even better play.

I know there’s some potential with you as you averaged 12 points on the Nets last season.  That’s about where you should be with this time.  You’ll get the minutes if you can show the ability.  How about continuing to improve your field goal percentage as you’ve been right around 50% for the past two games?  7-13 from three point land is even better.  How can we bottle that up and make it available for you to use from now on?  The Pacers need you to come off the bench and be that scoring machine.  If you can get the rebounds even better. Your passing needs a touch up here and there.  And the defensive end can use work.

But if you can play as well as you’ve done for the next even three games, maybe that could lead to something in the right direction.  It’s one thing to have a bunch of athletic ability, it’s a whole other thing to put it all together. I will admit I’ve been very down on your play, but that was with good reason, the play wasn’t anything significant.  You lost some minutes to a rookie.  That ought to hit something in the brain.  Whatever was said before the Cleveland game, use that as continued motivation.  Whatever worked in the Orlando game, use that as motivation.  Whatever you can do to continue this sudden impact with the bench, the Pacers need it.  That bench has looked bad at times, and if you can give them something more, maybe everyone else will come around.  It’s going to take some great effort to keep up this great play, but you know what you are showing that you can do.


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