Stephen Curry Juliennes George Hill's Ankles; Quinn Buckner Points and Laughs

This was a really good effort by George Hill. Not at defense, mind you.

I mean his attempt to trip up Stephen Curry so Dell’s kid can’t finish the shot the layup after crossing Hill into the Great Lakes. If Curry doesn’t make it, the highlight — er, lowlight, in Hill’s eyes — probably doesn’t wind up on SportsCenter.

Alas, this is 2013, George, and the internet hordes care not whether or not Curry was able to embarrass you and then score or just embarrass you. The points are almost incidental after something like this happens.

Don’t get mad at me. This is just the world in which we live.

If you want to take issue with anyone, talk to your color commentator. Because I saw a lot of “DAYYYYUUUM”-like reactions to this play on Twitter, and even the trolliest of trolls didn’t revel in this ankle assassination like Quinn Buckner did.

Then again, as @DD1070 notes below, it did turn out to be a good foul in another way.

Also of note is the triple crossover Curry put on Tyler Hansbrough before he stuck one of his seven threes last night.

(video via Deadspin)

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  • Joe Betz

    Yeah, this was tough to watch live. The in-game battle between those two was great. Still, ouch…but, it happens to erbody

    • Taposh ‘Tap’ Rudra

      True that. And at least Steph didn’t go for 54 on us like he did the Knicks tonight. Damn

  • Taposh ‘Tap’ Rudra

    Can I have some fries with that SHAAAAKKKKKKE!!!

  • Bruno Chiacchio

    Not to take any credit away from Curry, he’s a hell of a player; but Hill just tripped, it wasn’t SUCH a deadly crossover. On the other hand, what he did to Tyler… wow !! that would’d made ANYONE look bad. Funny how people fall for the spectacular but always seems to miss the subtle and delicate.