Danny Granger Makes a Shot, His Teammates Go Nuts

Danny Granger made his season debut last night in Detroit against the Pistons. The Pacers won by 18 points so nobody’s individual statistics were particularly meaningful. But Granger was having a rough go at it. He missed his first eight shots and each errant attempt seemed to add weight to what was increasingly becoming a bad game for a player this team needs to reintegrate into the lineup — and quickly, considering the playoffs are just two months away.

Then, early in the fourth quarter, Paul George grabbed a rebound and saw Danny leaking down the court. He fired a pass over the defenders racing back. Granger caught the ball and did his favorite thing: shoot. This one, his ninth attempt of the night, was all net.

There was a stop in the action, and the Indiana players on the bench rushed over to their captain like he had just hit a walk-off home run. The Pistons broadcaster captured the moment perfectly. “Look at his teammates. LOOK at his teammates. Did he just hit the game winner?”

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  • Philip Tarrant

    Yeah, I love it. That’s the response a team should have in such a situation. You can see why this team who individually are probably less talented than the absolutely stacked Lakers lineup have won so many more games. They build each other up rather than tearing each other down. That goes a long way, especially defensively. Individually, the players play good defense, but the help defense on this team makes it elite.