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NBA All Star 2013: Should All Star Weekend have one location?

I was thinking about this as someone called into 1070 the Fan today about bringing the All Star game to Indianapolis.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it would make any sense to do that as it’s hard to get enough people at a Pacers game, so I can’t imagine that people would make the trip to Indy for an All Star Weekend.  Plus, I’ve heard it’s not that big of a money maker for a city, so why not just have it at one location?  There are definitely two options if the NBA went this route.  Los Angeles and New York City.  Two of the important cities in the US and important in the game of basketball.  Personally, I would choose New York City, and have the All Star Game played at Madison Square Garden.  As a Pacers fan, I know that Reggie Miller had always come to play a bit harder when playing there.  I imagine Michael Jordan did the same.  Lebron James has had some of his fantastic games at MSG, so why not?

Los Angeles is a good choice as well since it’s the city of stars.  Who doesn’t know as a NBA fan that Jack Nicholson is always sitting courtside at the Lakers’ game?  Celebs would be great ambassadors for the game of basketball, so you have that city of stars, and they’re all there.  It doesn’t make any sense to me anymore to rotate the All Star Weekend to different cities.  Unless you were to rotate between the two that I’ve talked about.  MSG and Staples Center have that history of greatness, and if the All Star weekend is about the great players of the NBA, let’s get them a great home.

Do you think this is a radical idea that needs to be looked at?

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