Tyler Hansbrough Tries to Murder the Rim

tyler hansbrough gif

This GIF of Tyler Hansbrough dunking in the open court comes courtesy of Grantland, whose editor explained the play much better than I can: “We Have a Working Theory That a Rim Once Murdered a Member of Tyler Hansbrough’s Family; He Is Non-Discerning in His Quest for Revenge.” (h/t @GarrisonCarr)

It’s unlikely, but Kool G. Rap may have had a precognition of this play 25 years ago when he was penning his verse on the best posse cut in hip hop history, “The Symphony.”

Take a deep breath, because you don’t have another left
Comin’ back like I’m avengin’ my brother’s death
Makin’ veterans run for medicine
Cuz I put out more lights in a fight than Con Edison
Rip the damn cage like I’m on a rampage
So if you want rage, I’mma make front page

Or, ya know, maybe not.

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