Dec 29, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Gerald Green (25), point guard George Hill (3), power forward Tyler Hansbrough (50), and power forward David West (21) during the fourth quarter against the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Pacers Need to Execute

Just like Bret “the Hitman” Hart was the Excellence of Execution, this Pacers team needs to learn how to execute much better on the offensive end.  There are times when the offense is so stagnant, you wonder when someone will score a point.  There are times a pass is thrown, and you’re wondering where was that pass going.  Those are times that need to go away if the Pacers want to contend against the beasts of the East and the best in the West.  This team can figure out how to win games, but sometimes the sledding is so tough that if they just put together a better offense, it would be won easier.

I think it will get back to moving better once George Hill can get back to playing. He’s shown that he can run this offense much more smoothly than expected, and he’s got that leadership presence to get things in the right direction.  I will give credit for D.J. Augustin who has stepped up in Hill’s absence.  The game against the Grizzlies where he put up 17 points and handed out 6 assists.  That’s the type of play that was expected from Augustin when he was signed by the Pacers.  Hopefully even when Hill comes back to the starting line up, Augustin can get this type of production as the back up.

Another area to execute is right at the basket, which means we’re looking at Roy Hibbert.  The story here is that Hibbert has been playing with a wrist injury, which is probably the cause for such a low shot percentage.  But that means if he has to work more on his left hand, then he needs to do that.  There’s no doubt the Pacers could run some offense through Hibbert, and when he’s double teamed in the block, find an open man for a shot.  But Hibbert has to do well enough to demand that type of attention.

If we talk about what has been effective, I’ll go with David West.  A solid guy that goes out and practically gets a double double each game.  He just plays with a little bit of a edge, and I love his attitude when it is looking like he just wants to take over.  That’s about the type of game West needs to bring all the time.

Things aren’t where they should be efficiently wise, but they can be cleaned up, which is the good news.  Guys like Paul George need to watch their passes and make sure they find guys in the best spot.  That’s just something that will come.  The Pacers are keeping themselves in the games with defense, and just imagine if the offense can catch up with the defense.

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