(Not Quite) Post Game Grades - Pacers Play So Badly in New Orleans That I Lose Interest in Second Quarter

It’s one game, and it doesn’t last beyond that, but with 4 minutes left in the second quarter, the Pacers trail the 5-21 Hornets 40-20. They may come back, but I’m not hanging around. The two straight Lance Stephenson  airballs signals the end of my evening.

Here’s hoping you guys can make fun of me for bailing on a great comeback.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Everybody gets this grade:


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  • disqus_yrs9jdkGgK

    …because the Pacers are playing like crap right now…

    • Guest

      They’ve won 6 of their last 7.

  • mike

    fair enough…

    • mike

      Like Tim, i enjoyed being wrong

  • disqus_yrs9jdkGgK

    I wish I could watch this guy waking up the next morning and checking out the end of this game lol

  • TDR

    ha ha ha…you missed a great comeback!

  • LMS

    Part Timer

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  • Sam

    Well I’ll do it if he won’t haha

    West A+
    -Beast. Wouldn’t have got this one without his second half offensive performance.

    George B+
    -This kid is going to be a star. The whole game he seemed kinda uninvolved yet had 17 & 11

    Hibbert C
    -Terrible on offense. Better on defense but still let Lopez go crazy because of the blatant lack of foot speed. 5 blocks 9 boards

    Hill C+
    -Not great, but solid leading this team in a comeback effort with his decision making in the second half. Big shot over the #1 pick

    Stephenson A-
    -Playing with such confidence and contributing very well on both ends. Lance’s improvement has been second most encouraging storyline all season behind Paul George’s sudden eruption.


    T Hansbrough C
    -Unmemorable other than his monstrous layup/dunk

    Young C-
    -Didn’t contribute and missed both attempts.

    Mahinmi A
    -Mahinmi is starting to put up consistent numbers as the backup center. Nothing to dislike. Did his job.

    B Hansbrough F
    -Played terrible, turning the ball over too much. It was a good run

    Augustin C

    -Played because Hansbrough couldn’t. Consider the backup point guard spot his again.

  • disqus_yrs9jdkGgK

    Is West still getting that grade?