JaVale McGee Eviscerates Ian Mahinmi, Celebrates with The Secretive Toothbrush

This is actually illegal in 16 states. And Guam. Arguably the best part though is the post-dunk celebration, which I will heretofore refer to as The Secretive Toothbrush.

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  • Daniel

    Great blog. Dunno why no one comments here. Tbh, I came here because the nuggets just played.

  • JFro

    Secretive toothbrush? It looks like he’s eating his wheaties

  • Guest

    Man it aint no “Secretive Tooth-Brush”!?!?!? It’s Rapper Lil’B “Cooking”.

  • Christian Franklin

    It aint no “Secretive Tooth-Brush” WTF!?!?!?!? It’s rapper Lil’B “Cooking”

  • Tim McDade

    i heretofore label you as someone hostile to all concepts of proper dental hygiene. please elaborate on the relevance or meaning of “the secretive toothbrush.”