Game Night: Pacers Head to the Bay to Try to Win Third in a Row

Most teams fear West Coast road trips. No matter how good the squads you play are, it’s just a taxing stretch of games. Tonight, Indiana will play its third road game in California in five days. Worse still, the opponent, Golden State, has one of the better home-court advantages in the Association so the Pacers will have to come to play in Oakland in order to make this a flawless Pacific swing.

The Warriors won’t make it easy, as they have been playing very good basketball so this year — especially of late. They have won four of their last five, beating Brooklyn, Denver, Dallas and Minnesota while only losing to the Nuggets.

Regardless, if the Pacers can manage to win, they will be back above .500 for the first time since November 3, and easily make tonight the high point of their young season.

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  • Realist

    Why is Lance still sitting?? Far out, Vogel. Don’t get you sometimes.

  • Jack Wright

    Hansbrough is crap. It’s official and there’s no going back. Please, everybody, stop sticking up for this inconsistent, crappy jump-shooting white guy. We’ve all tried our best to pretend like he’s an asset, but he’s not.

    Also, I hope to hell the Pacers aren’t banking on Paul George growing into a great player. It’s not happening. He’s decent at best.

    George Hill, however, is turning into a star. That guy can flat out play basketball.

    • Jack Wright

      And I don’t mean to sound overly frustrated about this loss. The Warriors played well. Our starting lineup still looks beautiful once Granger gets back. Some of our bench players are starting to play well, which is making me think that by mid-season, it’ll be clear that our offseason moves actually did result in an improved bench. Which is great. My point is, I’ll be thrilled when Hansbrough isn’t in a Pacer uniform any longer. I’ve tried and tried to like him, but every time I start thinking that maybe he’s not so bad, he proves on the court that my instincts were right all along. The guy just isn’t an NBA player. An NBA player knows how to play on offense; knows how to put the ball in the basket. The only way Tyler can do that is by getting to the free throw line, and that approach simply isn’t fruitful enough to make up for his general crappiness otherwise.

  • Rex

    Not gonna lie we played pretty bad but still would of won if Jarrett Jack didn’t shoot lights out at end of 3rd and start of 4th

  • Realist

    Paul George is a scared little bunny rabbit.

    • Jack Wright