George Hill Hits Buzzer-Beating Game Winner Against Lakers

This was an uggggly game after the first 10 minutes. Over the final 40 minutes, the two teams shot a combined 37-for-126 (29.4%) while committing 33 turnovers. They also managed to make just 39-of-66 (59.1%) free-throws and 7-of-39 (17.9%) three-pointers. A little bit of this was indeed good defense. But most of it was just horrible offense, sloppy ball control and worse shot-making. Nobody could hit anything even on the limited possessions in which either team created a good shot. It was just wretched to watch.

Still, Indiana fans can celebrate a Pacers’ win on the road, and most NBA fans can celebrate the Lakers falling below .500 (now 7-8) on the season. Moreover, George Hill played well down the stretch, hitting two huge buckets, including a crafty driving layup over Dwight Howard with just 0.1 seconds left to give his team a 79-77 win.

The scene was set: After a floater in the lane by Hill on a previous possession and a subsequent Kobe Bryant three to knot the game at 77 all, Indiana had the ball in a tie game with about a second between the game and shot clock. The plan was obviously to not leave any time left for Kobe or someone else (but let’s be real … Kobe) to take the last shot.

They ran a high pick-and-roll with David West coming up to set a screen on Metta World Peace, who was for some reason tasked with guarding a point guard 7 years younger, 60 pounds lighter and 5 inches shorter than him. West didn’t even bother setting a screen that Hill seemed to have no intention of using. He dribbles hard right, past Peace, past a wandering Gasol and all the way to the hoop. Howard was there, but not in time. Hill wasted none as he didn’t use a guide hand and just scooped the ball high off the glass.

Ball game.

A pretty end after a disgusting 47 minutes.

Celebrate good times.

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  • Parag Gajarawala

    Couldn’t stay up late enough to watch it but damn that was a pretty take. Probably just an inch away from being rejected by Dwight and going to OT but Hill knew exactly how much space he needed.

  • Tenacious D.

    I stayed up to watch it, and, boy, am I paying the price today. Nice win. The Pacers look so much tougher than they did a few weeks ago. They won’t be tearing up the hardwood anytime soon, but solid .500 ball (maybe better at home) might be within their reach. Thank goodness the Central Division is a wreck. We could still win it this season.
    Based on what I saw last night I retract: 75% of the bad things I’ve said about our starters, 50% of my criticism of the bench, and 25% of my criticism of our draft choices. But, I stick 100% behind my support of Vogel. He looks like Phil Jackson compared to D’Antoni. The Lakers couldn’t execute a set play to save their lives. The Lakers bench is going to sink them this season. Jamison is the best they’ve got, and he is truly awful–has been for many years now.

  • Joe Betz

    Watched this game. Mahinmi was on a mission, and his ability to get Howard in foul trouble was key for the Pacers. Again, this is part of what the Pacers lacked last year–a true reserve center with an offensive spark and a defensive presence.

    • Special K

      You would expect the starting center to be able to do that too, especially a max contract guy, but . . . .

      • Realist

        I thought HIbbert actually played okay when he was in there. That block on Gasol to save the 4 on 1 break was massive.

        But yeah, 6 fouls in 18 minutes, in the game where we need him the most. Ugh.

  • dwaink

    yeah it was ugly, stayed up to watch 3 quarters of it…left the end to fate….wow nice win!!! Go Pacers!!!

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