Game Night: Pacers Host Mavs

Losing tonight would be a problem since going 3-7 over your first 10 games is never good. That goes without saying. But while a loss, at home, against a Dirk-less, Matrix-less Mavs team, would be disappointing, the real thing I will be looking to see tonight is just a team that isn’t bad. If they play a decent offense game, show up from an execution/effort standpoint and don’t let Dallas shoot some ungodly percentage from the floor, that will be enough. Teams lose. This team really, really needs a win to repair its own confidence, but more than anything, those watching need to see that they aren’t horrible. Evidence to the contrary has been sparse so far this season.

A group of people hoping for more than that, however, likely sits in Indiana’s front-office chairs. It was Donnie Walsh and Kevin Pritchard who are responsible for Dallas having the starting point guard they do. And it was their fault that Dahntay Jones isn’t starting in place of Danny Granger right now. I have no doubt that he, even with his limited NBA skill set, would have out-played Sam Young in this early season. Lance Stephenson has been playing well, but the team really could have used his ability to handle the ball, create and score off the bench while Dahntay brought some experience, professionalism and understanding of the offense to the starting unit.

If Dallas beats Indiana, with a team that consists of the front office gifting Mark Cuban two rotation players … man. That’s a bad look.

The ball goes up at 7:00 in The Fieldhouse.


George Hill Darren Collison


Lance Stephenson OJ Mayo


Paul George Shawn Marion


David West Elton Brand


Roy Hibbert Chris Kaman


This post has been updated to reflect that Marion started.

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  • Realist

    Halftime, a lot of good signs, according to the box score anyway (I’m stuck at work). A LOT.

    54% from the field, shooting a lot less 3′s (2 from 3). 12 assists on the 20 FG’s. Only 5 turnovers. 5?!?!? Who is this team?

    6/14 from the line though, and getting killed on the boards 22-15. That’s why we’re down by a point, yeah?

    • Jack Wright

      8 turnovers in the game!! that, plus a better field goal percentage, means that we actually can play like the good team we are

  • Realist


  • dwaink

    Now if they could just find a free throw coach…hmmmm(Larry Bird maybe)…what a nice win Pacers, a team win! Someone give Young a game ball huh?

    • Realist

      I’m starting to worry about Tyler too actually. Maybe that Dunleavy smacking really has messed with him. Not good.