Post-Game Grades: Pacers Embarrass Themselves, Loved Ones

If you missed it, (a) consider yourself lucky, and (b) don’t think this was a 14-point loss. They were down more than 30 for the bulk of the “contest.” In short, let’s let @JAM05028 handle the recap: “We so trash right now.”

Here is how each guy played individually tonight. Agree? Disagree? Express your thoughts below in the comments or yell at me (@8pts9secs) or Tim (@TimDonahue8p9s) on Twitter.


Can’t shoot anymore.


Just embarrassing himself at this point.


Best” starter.


Worst game of his Pacers’ career probably.


Doesn’t even warrant a bad joke.


Dope hair cut.


Gets the game ball.


Forgot he was on the team.


Doper hair cut.


Not good.


Cool name.


Brother of game ball.


Looks shorter every game.


Second best player tonight.

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  • Petey’s Head

    Your analysis of Plumlee and DJ were both spot on. Can you do me a favor and write an article analyzing the number of times DJ dribbles between his legs before he makes any attempt to initiate offense?

    • whitney

      what offense though? what offense are they even running?

  • Dan Kiehl

    Wow, someone is mad…

  • DonovanCurtisPadgett

    I think we should sell out the fieldhouse just to boo this sorry excuse for a NBA team…this team was talking deep playoff run before the season and are playing just like it’s going to be handed to them, you actually have to work for it…I’m afraid to see what happens when they actually play a top 15 team, they might just get shut out!

    • Tyler

      Sure, show up, boo, and then get beat to piss by the fan sections. Good plan dude.

      • Jack Wright

        …….huh? u think pacers fans are going to beat up booers?? i agree with donovan

        • Tyler

          You agree with someone who would BUY a ticket to go see a team that they just want to boo? OK.. that’s logical right?

          You agree with someone who used the word “shutout” in reference to basketball.. and you are calling people out above about bball knowledge?

          You also think we should fire Frank Vogel a measly NINE games into the season. OK? Cuz that makes sense, firing a successful coach 10% into the season. Because it’s his fault the team is shooting under 40%, right?

          You sir, have been designated Mr. Knee Jerk. I have a feeling you’d trade the whole team for Baron Davis and a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese. All just for a 3-6 start.

          And yes, the fan sections do seek out negative/delirious fans or fans of opposing teams – gotta protect our home court. If you don’t know what I mean by fan sections then I can’t help ya..

          • DonovanCurtisPadgett

            The shutout comment was completely sarcastic. However it upsets the heck out of me to see a team underachieving so badly and playing as if they don’t care. It upsets me that the pacers “all-star” center gets a max contract (which I believe the pacers had to offer) and disappears. It upsets me that this team, who I believed to be a top-5 team in the east, is playing like a lottery team. I would buy a ticket in hopes of seeing the team in which I thought they were. BUT if I saw this heartless and underachieving 3-6 team, then damn right I’d boo.

          • Tyler

            Gotcha, you make good points here. I agree with you on not giving up.. I didn’t give up when I watched Troy Murphy and Earl Watson run the offense for a whole season, so why give up now.

            I do think they are trying and putting in effort though, I think they are just struggling in the roles they have to fill without Danny. Tyler and D.West have been hustle machines.. it just hasn’t put points on the board.

            I’ve been super disappointed by Roy as well… I think he will come around – he was visibly upset with himself after the Bucks game.

            Silver lining, if possible? – 2-1 at Banker’s Life.

            Maybe we can get to 10-10 with some more home games. If we go .500 without Danny, and our 2s and 3s can grow in his absence, we should be a more mature team by the time he comes back.

          • Jack Wright

            hahahahhahaha do you really think Pacers fans are going to beat up anybody at a game? your confusing basketball for football, and indianapolis for philadelphia. And you might be confusing me with somebody else… I’m one of the few people on here who still believe we have a talented team of players (minus the bench), so I’d be the last guy who would advocate trading em for Baron Davis and some Mac and Cheese. Donovan was just making a point that Pacers fans need to get it out in the open how dissatisfied we are with how things are going. This start to the season has been the biggest letdown that I can remember. And don’t even pretend that 3 – 6 is an accurate representation of how we’ve played. Our three wins were against shitty teams, two of them we’re at home, and all of them we barely, barely managed to squeak by with a W. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a decent team on paper (with or without Granger) play like such pathetic garbage. And we know that we’re a good, solid, talented team based on last season! So, something is definitely wrong here, and I’d like to fix it now rather than later so that this entire season isn’t an embarrassment. I’d still like to play the Heat in the playoffs and beat the living hell out of those pieces of shit. So, Vogel needs to turn things around pretty damn quickly, or he should be canned. It’s not f*ckin’ rocket science, people.

          • Tyler

            We’re you at the Indiana/Miami games or the Indiana/Bulls games 2 years ago? Fans were being escorted out right and left… again, I can’t help you if you don’t go to games.

            You say we have a talented team minus the bench… sooo what are you saying here, you like 5 of our players and the rest are garbage? We are currently starting a bench player so do you only like 4 of the 15 players on the roster? If so, sounds like you need to find a different team.

            3-6… who cares? We could be 6-3 just as easily as we could be 0-9 – you are sensationalizing the first 10% of the season.

            Don’t you think there were stretches last year where we went 3-6? Because there were… we went 1-6 over 7 games in February 2012. Were you here saying the sky is falling at that point too? We also lost 6 over the course of 8 games in March 2012. And they looked AWFUL in some of those games too (March 5, Chicago) (March 17, NY). LOSING STREAKS HAPPEN!

            All I’m saying is it is WAY too early for any reaction, for any trade, for any firing, for any booing, any of that shit.

            You either need patience or are not a fan of this team IMO.

  • Rex

    You put way more effort in this recap than the Pacers did this game

  • Eyal

    This is spot on.

  • Will Deitte

    We so trash right now. Apropos.

  • Rex

    We have to turn this around fast or we are a certain lottery team I really don’t think we can turn this around

  • Corey Martin

    This is sooo disappointing to see the Pacers come out and start the season like they have. I had great expectations for this team as well as pretty much everyone else. I have been a Pacer fan my entire life born and raised and now to see them finally regain the national sports media’s love for the first time in 7 or 8 years and they are about as quickly as you can pissing it all away. I always talked about the things that Danny Granger did that I thought he could be better at but its looking like most pacer fans didnt appreciate just how much he meant to this team.. I know we are missing 20ppg but I really thought George, Hibbert, Hill, and West would step up their games in Granger’s absence. I dont know if its possible but if we could find someone to take Gerald Green and maybe a first round pick or Mahinmi to trade for a solid veteran shooting guard or small forward we need that desperately.. Does not have to be anyone great but right now this team is just clearly a starter short of a playoff team.. I wouldnt mind seeing Plumlee or Orlando Johnson get some run as weak as the bench looks. They look like a confused college team playing against the Miami Heat everytime they are on the court and right now George Hill and Hansbrough are the only two guys showing any heart. Oh, and one last thing.. How can Roy look like a legit all star center last year and then now with the opportunity of his career with no Granger on the court he cant even average 15 and 8?? Pathetic. I was soo excited to see this team grow and instead they have completely fallen apart

  • Kyle

    Shabazz Muhammad or Cody Zeller with our #1 overall pick?

    • Rex

      Cody Zeller!!

  • dwaink

    i was taught if u can’t say anything good, say nothing…all i got to say is nothing

  • Kyle

    Maybe the Blazers will still take Roy…

  • Jack Wright

    FIRE VOGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Realist

      Man, seems like just yesterday we successfully overthrew JOB. What would Larry Bird do? :-/

    • Tenacious D.

      OK, Jack. I will humor you. Tell me what it is you think Vogel has done since the end of last season that could justify the entire starting line-up quitting on him. Why did Hill and Hibbert sign long-term contracts to play for a team with a coach they hate? What could Vogel be doing now that has so dramatically changed since our brilliant 2012 post-season? For example, does he now insult the players mothers to their faces? Does he make them run wind sprints until they barf? Until I hear something from you or the players, I am going to stick by the notion that this is a player personnel problem. Bird and Pritchard have assembled the biggest group of heartless players in the NBA, and no coach could win with them right now or anytime soon. Why did the Blazers fire Pritchard sevearl years ago with no explanation? That might have more to do with our problem than Vogel.

      • Ian Murphy

        I agree somewhat. But isn’t West supposed to be one of the great leaders in the NBA? Isn’t George Hill known as a big ‘heart’ guy?
        I think this is where the Pacers really miss Larry Bird. Vogel is Mr. Nice Guy. He’s too young to effectively give the ‘hairdryer treatment’ (as it’s known to soccer fans) to a team. Bird could walk into practice today and basically tell everyone that what they are doing right now is unacceptable, and they’d listen, because it’s Larry Frickin Bird. He and Vogel complimented each other, personality wise, and now there is no one that has that kind of presence.

        • Tenacious D.

          Yeah, but I also remember him saying something back when he was coach to the effect that the players have to want to win. It wasn’t something he could make them do. He could tell these guys they suck, but what would that do? (He called them soft during the Heat series.) None of them has any history of being “the guy” or a “game changer” for whetever all that means. None of them is going ot become a 25 pts. per night player. In this league you need top 20 scorers to win. Having more than one makes you a contender. Look at the NBA’s list of top 20 scorers and you will see who the playoff teams are. It’s just that simple. I’m all for heart, but there’s no substitute for points. D-West puts on a good show and makes angry faces and stomps around and pumps his fists, but at some point the ball gotta go into the hoop. Intensity without points is just wasted energy.

          • Ian Murphy

            Maybe, but no intensity doesn’t get you anywhere. I think we can all agree that the Pacers, on paper, without Granger, are at least a compeditive team. But they are playing like the worst team in the NBA.
            No one is asking they be a matching last year’s success without Danny. But I think we all assumed they’d at least be in games. Your whole top-20 scorer thing makes sense about taking the team to the next level. But not so much on being a .500 team that plays hard every night.

          • Jack Wright

            TD.. you have a drastic misunderstanding of the very team you root for. There are two reasons why we had a “brilliant” 2012 post-season (I wouldn’t come close to calling it “brilliant”)…. 1. We had great players in our starting lineup. Top to bottom, every position was filled by an excellent NBA player. 2. They played with a lot of heart, which, along with their talent, led to a lot of chemistry on the court. (It’s ridiculous that you call our players “heartless”; the exact opposite is in fact true.)

            To sum it up: We have great players; more great players than most other teams. Sure, we lack a mega-superstar. But we make it up by having more great players, and less mediocre ones (as you would call them). I know Granger is out, which sucks. But Ian is right… We should still be a competitive team. There is flat out no excuse for us to be playing this terribly. THE COACH HAS TO GO!! Not that complicated, if you understood your own team better.

          • Jack Wright
          • Tenacious D.

            I understand this team perfectly well. When I said “brilliant” I was kidding. We beat an Orlando team without Dwight. We lost sort of respectably to the Heat, who could just as easily have swept us. (Even Bird called them “soft” as you might recall.) I’m not saying we need a mega-superstar. We’ve never had one on our roster before. We don’t have “more great players” to make up for our lack of a mega-superstar. Any player who is any good at all should have been a top 50 scorer last year. With Danny out, we have none. We have some okay and highly overpaid players and a front office that seems to have lost all ability to assemble a team. Despite what the venerable Ian says (and he seems to exist to make us wish we had Lou back), we are about as competitive as I would expect. You woud recognize that if you understood the NBA better.

          • Jack Wright

            nooooooooo!!! we have a great team in place, except for the bench.. which is pathetic. but our starting lineup is excellent. period. but we’re playing like absolute shit right now. i put a large amount of blame on vogel for that. hopefully we’ll start playing better and get back to around .500 by the time Granger’s back, and then we should hopefully start playing to our potential, which is very high. if you think we have a mediocre team, how do you explain our solid season last year? during the last quarter of the season, we were as good as anybody. (i believe only the spurs had a better record during that stretch.) we were playing like a great basketball team, because we were one. now, we’re playing like scrubs. i understand that we shouldn’t be playing to our full potential, because Granger’s gone, and during the offseason we made some retarded moves which made our bench even worse. But the fact is, we shouldn’t be playing as bad as we are. We’re definitely better than that. That’s a fact. So seeing Vogel’s calm little expression-less face is becoming a bit unsettling to me. I want to have a coach that will fire his team up. We need that!!

  • Adam Cox

    what the Buck happened?
    Pacers miss Collison just as much or more than Granger. Offense is stagnant.

  • Joe Betz

    The loss to the Bobcats stung, but DJA had a chance to win it and failed–that’s okay. The Pacers losing a double-digit lead to the Hawks stung–six minutes, 0-10 on scoring trips…no foul shots–that’s okay though, the shots didn’t fall. Then, you hold a team to five points in the fourth and still lose–that was embarrassing; then, you play like you took your game plan in Milwaukee from Obama’s first speech performance…just sad sad sad…

  • Stretch Four

    Perfect timing: Collison is coming back to town tomorrow.

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