Gerald Green Has Stupid Hops

Paul George and Miles Plumlee adorably tried to goof off and do some cool dunks the other day. Then Gerald Green, from The Neighborhood of Make-Believe University, showed up. And it was 2000-Vince-Carter-in-All-Star-Weekend-level over. He just showed up a whole gym full of millionaire professional basketball players. Without a ball. (video via IndyCornrows)

Look at this guy.

Seriously. Just look at him.

(Late on this. There was a hurricane. Sorry. Image via ProBasketballTalk)

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  • RosstheBoss

    I still remember when he blew the candle out of a birthday cupcake on the rim in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. But let’s get serious, please. The season is here. Danny Granger is out indefinitely with a knee injury and the Pacers are looking to prove they are worthy of contention consideration. Gerald Green needs to turn that ‘Half-Man-Half-Amazing’ athleticism into consistent production. If he does, Green may cement himself as the Pacers’ wing of the future to compliment Paul George, otherwise he may wow us with a few more highlights and the league will return to believing that is all he is.

    I for one am hoping for the former.

    It doesn’t hurt that he’s on my fantasy team either! lol

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Danny Granger better watch out, because GG has the skills to make the Pacers think that he is no longer as valuable as the team once believed.

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