Indiana Pacers versus Toronto Raptor Game Grades

After each game this season I am supposed to assign grades for the Offense, Defense, Starters, Bench, and Overall. The problem is that normal grades are too boring. I’ve decided to rank the different aspects of the game on a 1-5 scale, but using different objects. You know, try to keep it fun. This being Halloween, I’ll start this out with PUMPKINS.




Obviously this was not the ideal way to start the season on the offensive end of the court. The team shot the ball fairly well, but couldn’t hold on to it to save their lives. Turnovers almost cost the Pacers the game, and if this season is going to go as planned, that crap has to stop.



Watching the game you might be a little underwhelmed. I saw a lot of miscommunication and slow rotations. It looked like the first game of the year. The reason they received 4 PUMPKINS on the prestigious Andy Scale is the final score. Can’t argue with 88 points.



David West. Holy moly, David West. Overall, they shot 30-63, which isn’t bad. The turnovers have to stop. The guys on the wings combined for 11 of the team’s 18 turnovers. Another stat that’s a little concerning is the 7 free throw attempts. That’s going to have to be higher. As a unit, they were +2, which only happened after 47 minutes and 58 seconds.



In the first half it looked like a bunch of guys that hadn’t yet played together. Wait, what? It was a bunch of guys that hadn’t played together? Well, in that case, not bad. By the end of the game, they were playing pretty well. They were efficient and limited mistakes. I’d like to see more out of DJ Augustin in the future.



Yes, they won. But it wasn’t pretty. Against a team that shouldn’t be much competition, we’d like to see a better performance from our guys. Opening the season on the road can’t be easy. I wasn’t in Toronto, because I have a life, but it seemed raucous. They also said it was raucous. All in all, a win is a win. The pretty wins will come, but the Pacers stole one tonight, and for that we can be proud.

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