Bleacher Report's List of the Best Pacers Dunkers

This Bleacher Report list of the top five dunkers in Pacers’ history is pretty sad really. And while it is more of a lazy compilation based on Pacers who have appeared in a Slam Dunk contest during All-Star Weekend than anything definitive, it’s not like there are a ton of other great options out there.

We can scour the roster archives a little further and try to add some guys. Kenny Williams for sure would make it, but who else should we consider even if we expand the list to a top ten?

Byron Scott for the work he did in Los Angeles? Dale Davis for volume/authority? LaSalle Thompson? Rik Smits for height and a related nickname? Malik Sealy or Wayman Tisdale out of respect for the fallen? Jermaine O’Neal? Could Ron Artest ever even touch the rim with two hands? George Hill for this? ABA guys I never saw play?

Slim pickings.

The guys in the top and bottom videos here (one of whom can do better dunks in his socks than anyone else mentioned here thus far) certainly propel the franchise up the ladder a few notches, but I can’t think of too many teams that would have a worse top ten.

The Celtics, especially for a team littered with such talent going back more than a half-century, are pretty bad. They had GeraldGreen, young Tony Allen, KG (who did his best rim-wrecking work in Minnesota) and Dee Brown (who never did much other than pioneering theatrics), but little else. I can’t conjure a single elite dunker from the Bullets/Wizards other than JaVale McGee (presuming you give them no MJ credit). The Clippers, as with most everything, are pretty bad. The Bucks?

Figuring this out would be a much bigger research project than I’m willing to do, but I think Indy would have to be in the running for the absolute worst and, at least until this season starts, a virtual lock for the bottom five.

In closing: Help me, Gerald-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

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  • 7IHd

    Josh McRoberts is probably another one that deserves mention. Although, was this only a list of Pacers who competed in an NBA dunk contest?

  • A Zehner

    Darnell Hillman! No doubt about it.

  • Bill Zink

    Darnell Hillman!

  • Matt

    How about fred jones and jonathon bender?

    • 7IHd

      Both were in the article that was linked above.

  • dwaink

    oh how quickly they forget Jeff…forgive them :)

  • Brandon

    Even though he was hardly known as a “dunker”, Reggie’s drive down the middle of the lane and dunk over Patrick Ewing in the playoffs was one hell of a dunk!