The Pacers Will Be Less Interesting to Watch Than 20 Other Teams

So says Andrew Unterberger at The Basketball Jones, at least, in their League Pass Rankings. I get what he means here, but he’s also a guy who is looking forward to watching the Kings and Rockets so … yeah.

Oddly enough, however, the national TV producers seem to disagree: after years and years of not airing any Indiana games (except one, I think, last year), ESPN and TNT will show them seven times this season, not to mention at least five NBA TV games.

21. Indiana Pacers (Last Year: #7)

The difference between being a young, exciting team and an established, but possibly low-upside team. The Pacers basically are trotting out the same team as in 2011-12, but having already won a playoff series and taken the Heat to six games, the Pacers need to keep improving to maintain our interest. And it’s suddenly not so easy to see them doing that. I maintain that this team should cut Danny Granger for League Pass reasons — they’d be infinitely more entertaining, if not necessarily more successful, without his inefficient, uninspiring 20 points a game mucking up the works.

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  • Michael

    Yeah, I was confused in his rankings as well. He had the Spurs at 27 (I believe) and they are one of the most fun teams to watch. Plus, with George and Green, I am expecting a few highlights per night.

  • Sam

    Well considering that OKC and Miami are way behind Charlotte and Houston, this article should automatically be ignored.

    Not to mention his overlooking of the George/Green dunk combo here in Indy
    (Is there a more athletic duo in the league other than maybe those dudes in Miami?)

  • Realist

    Toronto at 17 ahead of a contending Indy team with George and Green? No way.

    Also, can someone clarify what an NBA TV game means? For USA folk, I guess. (I live in Oz and just use LP).

  • Markus Zurlino

    NBA TV is a sports channel that is offered on most cable (Comcast) and satellite (Direct tv) companies premium packages meaning you have to pay extra to get it. It usually comes when you purchase the NFL Red Zone channel too ( a whole other monster that I won’t get into now but is a must by for any football fan) When there is games going on on a typical NBA night, there is usually a game pre-picked that airs nationally on the NBA TV network and it’s live. It’s just like MLB network during the baseball season. It gives you a chance to see other teams besides your local market during the regular season. I don’t know what goes into deciding what games are shown, but the Pacers are scheduled to have 5 NBA tv games this year. With that said, if you live in the Pacers TV market and the Pacers are playing that night on NBA TV, then the NBA TV games are blacked out and only viewable on the Pacers home station (Fox Sports – Midwest) which has exclusive rights during the regular season. When ever there are no games going on they either show live highlights of all the games in action or show some TV series that NBA TV has much like NFL network does during the weekdays. Here’s a link with more info about NBA TV as well.

  • Realist

    Thanks, Markus.

  • Petey’s Head

    I just can’t understand why people think the Pacers won’t be better than last year. They fixed their most glaring problem (frontcourt depth), added offense (DJ, Green) and all of their starters will most likely improve from last year. D West has a healthy knee, Hibbert continues to improve, P George will obviously improve, Granger can’t possibly shoot as poorly as he did last year and George Hill will most likely play the way he did in the playoffs.

    If people think they are unexciting, so be it. Go watch Demarcus Cousins and Nate Robinson. Buy some skittles and watch Ahmad Rashad reruns. But to say they won’t be better is insane.

  • Guy Lerner

    Question: we have NBA Leagure Pass; we live 2 hours from Indianapolis and we do NOT get Fox Sports Indiana. So far all 3 Pacers games on League Pass have been blacked out. We went to the Direct TV website and we read how black outs occur — something about the game being broadcast in our area on the local carrier which is Fox Sports Indiana. We called Direct TV and they claim that the Pacers are not part of League Pass this year and all their games (home and away) will be blacked out

    Do anyone know about this? and Why?