Pacers RareInk Portraits

If you spent any time on NBA Twitter yesterday, you already know: The NBA partnered with a company call RareInk to create some gorgeous basketball art. Obviously, given their iconic histories and market sizes, the Lakers, Celtics and Bulls have the most dynamic images available so far. They have an entire Jordan collection and enough Boston and L.A. graphics to count on three or four hands.

For Pacers fans, the offerings currently remain sparse: just a logo print and a modified (and pretty cool) version of the P. But (a) there is no reason not to hang this amazing image of Dr. J or this Run-TMC (with your boy Mully) poster on your wall if you like basketball, and (b) I was told there is a Reggie Miller one in the works. No time table on when it will come out, but we should have more info before long.

Head over to RareInk to buy some wall art, or just window shop (browser shop?).


Tags: Artwork

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