Gerald Green's Preseason Alley-Oop Helps Timber the Wolves

Tyler Hansbrough’s younger brother, Ben, helps Gerald Green to reintroduce himself to the NBA by doing what he does best: catching a mere mortal flat-footed and putting ‘em in a poster. Heck of a play. Notice how Green starts the inbounds play on the opposite block before coming off two screens and sneaking behind a flashing Roy Hibbert Ian Mahinmi for the lob. In their 2012 preseason debut, the Pacers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 96-91 last night at the Fieldhouse.

UPDATE: Here is another one. I feel like we’ll be seeing this a lot in the regular season.

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  • Harrison

    *That wasn’t Hibbert it was Mahinmi haha

    They do look alike however
    And both wear a shooting sleeve for no reason

  • 7IHd

    No one is doubting Gerald Green’s ups. He’s the guy that made Lebron look like he wasn’t jumping very high.

  • Adam

    That was not technical foul worthy hanging on the rim.. he only held on long enough to ensure that he landed safely and not on someone.

  • J

    Agreed. Bad call on the tech. Great dunk.

  • Joe B

    This athleticism is what the Pacers lacked in the second unit last year. Green is an upgrade to, to…I cannot even remember his name…Dhantay…String-Of-Boneheaded-Plays?

    But yeah, bad call by the refs…jeez. Green is someone I am excited to see buy into the Pacers system and make the occasional highlight reel.