The Other Way: the Voice on the (Cutting Room) Floor

It’s been relatively quiet around here this summer, some of that owing to a lack of any meaningful Pacer activity since the flurry of signings in July, some of that owing to real life intruding on … well, pretty much everything. Still lacking for time and content, I was able to dust off something that was done way back in January.

Matt Moore and Rob Mahoney had asked me to do an audio piece about the financial side of the NBA for a money-themed edition of “Voice on the Floor.” That particular edition never made it out for public consumption, so the audio has been sitting on my computer (actually, two different ones) for about 7 months, collecting dust.

This morning, I started playing around with it, and added a video aspect to it. It’s here for your viewing pleasure.

As I said, this was written back in January. There are things we know now, that we didn’t know then, but while some specific might change if I were to write it today, the sentiment would not.

Note: Most of the ABA footage taken from a YouTube series called History of the ABA (with 6 parts). It is apparently from an HBO Series called “Long Shots: The Life and Times of the American Basketball Association”

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  • Kate C

    Wow, that was well done. Really enjoyed it.

  • Roberto Aedo

    Hello Tim,

    First of all, what a great vide !!!. it shows the real emotions a true sort fan feels…
    Im a Pacer rom a small country named Chile, and I absolutely love a small market NBA team called The Indiana Pacers…
    The reason why I started to follow the pacers was very simple…Reggie Miller…I was 15 years old when I watched him do all those unbelievable plays against the basketball god Michael Jordan in the 98 playoffs…I love how clutch he was…eventhough all the odds were against him…..
    Also, I got big ears just like Reggie so I feel identified with him.

    Since then, I´ve been following the Pacers trough the good and bad seasons…
    I didnt know anything about basketball so I started to learn ..
    Now after all this years I, really understand that the chances the Pacers could get a NBA champiosnip are very slim…The CBA and big markets make things so much tougher for small market teams…However, I still feel engaged everytime the Pacers make a run at the playoffs, eventhough I know how things should play out

    I just really hope, that before I die…I could see a Pacers team win a Championship…if that happens Im pretty sure you will be in some place with some friends celebrating in a big way….and please be sure my friend that here in South America..there will be a guy wearing a 31 Pacers shirt celebrating as well…

  • Kathy

    Tears in my eyes, yet a ridiculous hope in my heart. Loved the journey through time and the poignant articulation of experiences and loyalty that excessive money moves could never buy. Thanks for helping to capture some of that elusive spirit and hopefully transmit it to a new generation of Pacer fans. BK and Reggie would be proud! Go Pacers! Wake up, NBA!

  • Dianne

    So well done, Tim. This is the voice I love to hear.

  • Judy

    Wow, talk about memories! I well remember that night at Conseco .. and in fact, I don’t think I’ve been back to a Pacers game in person since them.

    Really, really impressive Tim ;-)

  • Jack

    Big chills while watching the footage from Reggie’s last game. Reminds me of the chills I got at the game when they hung his banner, when Reggie told the crowd that he’ll always be a Hoosier. He could barely get the words out cuz he was so choked up. Damn do I love and miss that guy. Him and Henry Thoreau will always be my heroes.

  • Harrison

    Well if this is indeed the Pacers’ last stand………..

    Lets hope Big Roy can play up to his contract
    Lets hope we can hang onto Paul George long term
    Lets hope George Hill can flourish with regular starters minutes
    Lets hope Danny Granger can accept his role as shooter (not play-maker)
    Lets hope Perry Jones is a bust
    Lets hope Paul George will immediately become our best player
    Lets hope David West will happily re-sign for a reasonable wage
    Lets hope Ian Mahimi, Gerald Green, DJ Augustine, Lance Stephenson, and Tyler prove to be one of the best benches in the league
    Lets hope Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis don’t turn back the clock
    Lets hope Hibbert surpasses Andrew Bynum as clear #2 center in the league
    Lets hope Lance stops turning the ball over
    Lets hope Larry Bird fully recovers and returns
    Lets hope Bankers Life looks more gold than green (sigh)


  • dwain

    thks for the memories, nice wrk Tim :) ( all u needed was a couple a scenes from Hoosiers :))

  • stray dawg

    Thanks for that, Tim. Nicely done! And thanks to the Ladies for your good comments. I love your input. Keep it up.

  • stray dawg

    Tim, you mentioned Chuck Taylor. He is a Hoosier and a righteous man. Any chance you could give the youngsters a profile? Let ‘em know where the most iconic bball shoe, ever, came from. Who does the NBA star of today, with all there signature sports equipment deals, owe there love to? Chuck Taylor! Period!

  • Peter K.

    I grew up a Celtics fan but 20 plus years as a Hoosier and I have fully adopted the Pacers as my team. Very nice piece.

  • Adam B.

    I love the idea of this being a 30 for 30 piece that was mentioned on twitter. Really good stuff here!

  • Z

    I’m only 20 but completely relatable piece, great stuff. I think the Pacers best years are ahead of them. All we got is hope in every aspect of life and you can’t feel real pleasure without pain. I enjoy watching them, following them, and going to the Fieldhouse a ton. Fans of teams in those big markets will never enjoy winning as much as a team like the Pacers. Just imagine Indy if this team makes a finals run? Those without always appreciate more than those who get it all the time. In the mean time thanks for all the great memories and here’s to making many more! Cheers! Lets gooooo Pacers!

  • Jack

    heck of a comment, Z

  • Lake Trout

    Roberto, Viva Chile! And Viva Chilean Pacers Fans! Keep the faith cause we can get there. Should be a good ride. Pacers are close. The battles that are coming could be epic. Love your support. It Helps. Wear that 31 jersey with pride. Viva Reggie!

  • stray dawg

    Does Greg Oden make any sense for the Pacers? He could receive the time and training he needs to get healthy playing behind Roy and Ian, right here at home. Big men with injuries don’t always make it back, but Oden is still young. If he can get his legs back, i think he can help any team. If the price is right, why not Indy? There is a lot of smoke there, but it could be fire. I don’t see much downside in taking a chance on Oden.

  • Realist

    Yeah, Oden has been mentioned a few times in various comments. Seems like a decent option. He declared he wasn’t played in 2012-13, but who knows.

    Also, Pacers 5th in ESPN’s ‘Future’ Rankings. Also, 5th best list, apparently. I like it.

  • Realist

    *wasn’t playing* in 2012-13, sorry.

  • Chad Ford & John Hollinger

    5. Indiana Pacers | Future Power Rating: 702
    408 (5th) 110 (12th) 110 (14th) 41 (19th) 33 (20th)

    The Pacers might not be the Miami Heat, but with Chicago’s Derrick Rose expected to miss a large chunk of the 2012-13 season and the Celtics continuing to show signs of aging, Indiana might be the second-best team in the East right now. Given how young most of the Pacers’ current roster is, they should stay in that position for some time.

    This team doesn’t have a big star, but they are very solid 1 through 5 and have excellent chemistry. Danny Granger is in his prime, David West looked better and better as the season progressed, Roy Hibbert is playing like an All-Star, George Hill showed potential as a starting point guard and Paul George may very well be the best player on this team a year from now, if not one of the best players in the league. He has that much potential.

    Still, there is reason to worry. Team president Larry Bird retired and GM David Morway resigned at the end of the season, and they were replaced by former Pacers and Knicks president Donnie Walsh and former Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard. Both Walsh and Pritchard have stellar reputations, but it remains to be seen if they can execute as well as Bird and Morway did.

    They got off to a rocky start this summer. The Pacers were forced to re-sign Hibbert to a max contract, gave an excessive deal to Hill, traded away Darren Collison for the right to overpay Ian Mahinmi and probably reached a bit when they selected Miles Plumlee in the late first round.

    Still, the Pacers seem poised to make a run at the Heat for the next few seasons. It’s unlikely they will catch them without adding a star to the roster, but if Miami suffers injuries or chemistry issues down the road, Indiana seems to be in the best position to take its spot atop the East.

  • Jack

    ^yeah that about sums it up.

  • stray dawg

    Isn’t Clark Kellogg still working in the front office? I would love to see him as a full time exec. in either of the rolls that Bird or Morway filled.

  • dwain

    been wondering why they haven’t picked Fes back up, surely they can get him back for a song…..

  • stray dawg

    I haven’t heard any news on Fes. Maybe the Pacers bring him into camp, at least. The Pacers may be holding the last roster spots for trade deadline acquisitions like last years Barbosa deal. Not a bad idea, in my opinion.

  • Lake Trout

    Fes could help the Pacers D-Up on Bynum if we meet the Sixers in the playoffs. He could provide good value as a roll player.

  • butt

    however bad Fez is he can’t be as bad as #NBARANK
    #462 Orlando Johnson (2.06)
    #433 Miles Plumlee (2.30)
    #421 Jeff Pendergraph (2.41)
    #405 Lance Stephenson (2.52)

    On an average of scores ranging 0-10, Lance gets a 2.5… ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Pacer’s 6th man Lance Stephenson!!!!

  • Jermaine

    This site sucks, why don’t you ever update? At least I got to read butt’s incredibly lame Bill Simmons impression. He sucks and so do you.

  • butt

    how dare you… I AM Bill Simmons [insert obscure references to the 1980s and discreet approval of marijuana usage here]

  • dwain

    u know i had almost decided to write the perfect basketball poem to honor this article(i looked for one and couldn’t find it) then i remembered Cheech & Chong already did it….full of stereotypical “goodness” and gets right down to the heart of things…the love of the game :) (remember this was 75′)

  • Mark

    Not to jack your thread, but thought you guys might like to know that NBATV has a Reggie Miller series of games on until 6pm today, including the game this site was named after at 2pm. Enjoy!

  • Fly

    I believe the Pacers starting 5 can average 75 pts per game. Hill-12 George-14 Granger-18 West-16 Hibbert-15. Is that a stretch? I believe the Pacers bench can average 30+ pts per game. DJA-9 Green-9 Hans-9 Ian-5. Is that a stretch? I see the Pacers as a regular season scoring leader. They look to go nine deep. Will it translate to the playoffs? Maybe. I believe there defense will tell the ultimate story, and they can defend. I love how this team looks, though, on both ends of the floor. Go Pacers!

  • dwain

    @Mark it was terrible to watch that Nets game again, after the buzzer 3 Reggie hit and then to just choke it out…again :) thx for the heads up anyway

  • Fly

    I think the Pacers will start the season with the 13 players they have under contract. That said, i think they will look to make a trade deadline move like the Barbosa deal last year. Pacers could use a true back-up for Granger in the playoffs. It has to be a SF with an expiring contract to make the financials work. Please, Pacers Fans, tell me you got a better idea than Trevor Ariza!

  • Fly

    Is Josh Howard still in the mix? Can he actually defend anyone?

  • stray dawg

    I would love to see Indy find a spot downtown, along the canal perhaps, for a sports memorial. It is a big part of our Hoosier culture. John Wooden deserves a monument. We can build from there, no?

  • imawhat

    I own that green snorkle parka, which is waiting for me every December at the Indpls Int’l Airport.

    That Reggie video is still tough to watch.

  • Jermaine

    Are you ever going to update this site? Can’t we atleast get some more articles explaining that us fans have real expectations this year becuase of big contracts and a playoff run? The honeymoon is over!

  • Andy

    I’ve been checking for a new article every day since the view from the cutting room floor, I know there is not a whole lot to talk about in terms of recent team news, but maybe we can see something new at some point before pre-season??

  • stray dawg

    Reggie and Mel enter the Hall of Fame this week. Up The Pacers! Slick Leonard should be next. He is long overdue for the Hall. Bring back the Red, White and Blue Basketball! Up The ABA!

  • stray dawg

    Didn’t Bobby “Slick” Leonard hit the game winning free throws to clinch the 1953 National Championship for the IU Hoosiers against the Phog Allen led Kansas Jayhawks, in Kansas City! He deserves a statue just for that! Right next to Wooden! Up Indiana Legends!

  • dwain

    Former Utah Jazz reserve point guard Blake Ahearn is expected to sign a partially guaranteed contract with the Indiana Pacers, a league source informed The Salt Lake Tribune on Saturday.

    Ahearn was signed by the Jazz via a 10-day contract last season. He remained on Utah’s roster throughout the playoffs and was a member of the Jazz’s Summer League team.

    – Reported by Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune

    Read more:

  • gregor t.

    chocolate starfish