Men's Olympic Basketball: USA Tastes Gold

Personally, I never thought this game would be in doubt, but things were looking shaky there for a bit.  Team USA did get it together and win a hard fought gold medal game.  Maybe not the dominating performance that could have been wanted or expected, but a gold medal is a gold medal.  That can be a good comparison to what past Dream Teams have done.

Kevin Durant led the team in scoring, but truly everyone that played major minutes helped out.  Lebron James had 19 points, and becomes second to Michael Jordan in winning the NBA title, NBA Finals MVP, and regular season MVP to go along with his Gold Medal.  Speaking of how comparisons, how fitting it is that James would do something only Jordan has done.

Spain had the help of the Gasol brothers in Marc and Pau trying to keep up with this super star driven USA team.  Serge Ibaka stepped up in key moments, but it wasn’t enough.  Team USA gets the victory for a 107-100 win.  Now the question is will there be an age limit to the next time this rolls around? If we want to send our best players, then there shouldn’t be any talk of making this 23 and under.  The best stars are one the ones who will be older in the 2016 Olympics, and we want our best players there representing.

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