2012-2013 Schedule for Indiana Pacers Announced

Start making your plans. The 2012-2013 Indiana Pacers schedule is out. It opens up on Halloween night against the Raptors in Toronto, and ends on April 17th with the Pacers hosting the Philadelphia 76ers. In between, your Blue-and-Gold will be trying to see if they can build on last year’s success.

Here are some highlights of the upcoming season:

  • The Pacers play their first two on the road (@ Toronto and @ Charlotte), before hosting the Sacramento Kings in Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Saturday, November 3rd. That is their only home game in their first six tilts. After the quick stop in Indy, they venture out on a three-game road trip to San Antonio, Atlanta, and Minnesota.
  • Former Pacers Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones will be back in the Fieldhouse on November 16th, when the Mavs come to town. Indianapolis native Eric Gordon and the 2012 # 1 draft pick Anthony Davis visit with the New Orleans Hornets on November 21st.
  • Indiana makes their first of two four-game road trips at the end of November with their seemingly annual post-Thanksgiving West Coast swing to face the Lakers, Kings, and Warriors, before finishing up at Chicago. Their second four-game trip comes in late March, when they head down to Texas to face the Rockets and Mavs, then swing further west to play the Suns and Chris Paul’s Clippers.
  • The defending Champion Heat come to town twice, on January 8th and February 1st. The Pacers only visit Miami once, on March 10th.
  • With a full 82-game schedule spread over a normal season, there will be no more crazy back-to-back-to-back sets, but the Pacers will play 21 back-to-back sets, including 4 in November and 6 in December.
  • February brings both the All Star break, and lots of Pacer home dates. Nine of the 11 Pacer contests will be played in the Fieldhouse, and adding a January 30th date hosting the Pistons makes a stretch of 10 games in 12 at home that will have a meaningful impact on the Pacers’ playoff seeding.
  • For the first time in a very long time, the Pacers have some schedule national TV appearances. They play on TNT twice, hosting the Knicks on January 10th and visiting Boston on April 16th. They are on ESPN/ESPN3 five times, including games against the Heat and the Thunder.

Get your tickets. It all starts in just over 96 days.


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  • pete

    I see at least 50 wins in the Pacers future

  • Realist

    Looks pretty good. Ignoring the travelling and the actual scheduling and what not, the raw analysis of who we play how many times is as follows:

    -> Like a standard 82 game season, we play the opposing conference (West) teams twice each (1 home, 1 road).

    -> We play all the 14 other East teams 4 times each (2 home, 2 road) with the exception of four teams we only play 3 times:

    Miami (2 home, 1 road)
    Boston (1 home, 2 road)
    Orlando (1 home, 2 road)
    Brooklyn (2 home, 1 road)

    Chicago are in our division (along with Milwaukee, Detroit and Cleveland) so we play them 4 times. That list is pretty good though. That’s four games we’ll have against Bobcats, Wizards, Raptors etc. instead.

    No complaints.

  • Realist

    57-25, imo.

  • Derek U

    Can’t wait! Between another year with the starting 5, and curious as hell to see what the new bench can do. Could be a solid season if players made use of the off season and got marginally better (George squared, and Hibbert mainly). Feeling lucky that the team kept Shaw, his insight and knowledege on the bench is important for these young guys to develop.

  • pete

    I can’t believe Shaw is with the Pacers again. I never thought for a second that he would be back. It is hard to exceed what was done last year, but with this continuity they should be able to take a step forward.

  • Jack


  • gregor t.

    The Pacers played 15 of there first 22 games on the road last season. It definitely helped them come together as a young team with new players. Hopefully, hittin’ the road early this season will have positive results again for this team. The Pacers played well on the road last year. They need to keep that up. They also need to defend the Fieldhouse better than they did last year. To compete, the Pacers goal should be 25 road wins and 35 home wins. I believe if the Pacers stay healthy they can win 60 games this season. They will have to finish at home to get it done, but I believe! I Believe!

  • gregor t.

    I don’t remember the Pacers losing a home game to a sub- .500 team last year. They did lose some home games against good teams they should have beat. It’s time to clean that up. Defend The Fieldhouse! Defend The Fieldhouse!

  • jswid

    The only sub 500 team I think we lost to at home was the Suns. But your right about defending the house! We beat teams we were supposed to beat last year and competing with the good teams pulling out impressive wins! Im glad that we are starting the season off on the road heavily again like last year! GO PACERS its gonna be a great season!!!!!

  • Drew

    60+ en route to a Top 2 seed! Go Pacers!!!

  • mb

    I see it fairly easy for the pacers taking top of central considering no d rose for most of the bulls season… also,,, they can make the ECF if they avoid Miami and Chicago…. time will tell