Mar 21, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin (17) brings the ball up court during the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center. The Knicks defeated the Sixers 82-79. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

Jeremy Lin Set to Make Some Money

How about talking about someone other than Dwight Howard, so let’s talk Jeremy Lin?  Remember him?  He was the guy that took the New York Knicks to a winning streak and looking like they were on the verge of becoming better until Carmelo Anthony came back, and Lin got hurt.

But here he is set to sign a good offer from the Rockets or else get the Knicks to bring him back.  Either way, he won’t be on the ten day contract that he had at some point last year.  He’s looking to actually be part of some team for over a year or two.

I still feel like we don’t know the potential that Jeremy Lin has since there’s been such a short amount of time he’s played.  He did put up 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers.  He tossed out 14 assists in a game.  So he can score and dish out the assists when need be.

I think the better team for Lin to go to is the Rockets.  There he can be the complete player that we think he can be. If he’s back with the Knicks, he’s going to get the ball to Carmelo Anthony and wait for Anthony to do what he can.  But in Houston, he’ll get it to the right guys in the right positions.  That’s why he should sign the offer, and really make the Knicks think about this.

The Knicks did sign Jason Kidd, so they are probably willing to let the Rockets take Lin off their hands.  There’s always Raymond Felton there that could take minutes away from Lin if the Knicks bring him back.  Once again, the best option is for Lin to sign with the Rockets, and show what he can do there.

Where do you think Jeremy Lin ends up?

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  • EricSim

    Lin has no say in the outcome of where he goes being a RFA. However, whereever he ends up, he’ll be a star and he’ll help generate huge ticket sales for the organization. The interest in him will never cease because of his background, underdog, exploding in his games, on and on. The most interesting thing is – the more he is paid, the biggest winner is his charity foundation – Jeremy Lin Foundation, that’s where most of the pay would go, to help the less fortunate ones! What a hero and a generous soul he is!

    • Stephen Ajamie

      Some great points made in your reply. Appreciate you giving the article a look. He does seem like an overall great guy, and I would imagine a good portion of his salary will go into that foundation. I wonder if the Asian community will latch on to him like they did with Yao Ming in Houston.