Kevin Pritchard Discusses the Pacers' Offseason

Right after today’s press conference officially welcoming back Roy Hibbert and George Hill, Pacers’ GM Kevin Prichard went on 1070 The Fan radio to discuss the team’s recent moves on The Ride With JMV. The following are some of the comments he told the radio audience.

On re-signing Hibbert and Hill: “We spent from July 1 at midnight until today trying to get it done.”

On Portland giving Hibbert a max offer right out the gate: “If you look at the history of the league, usually in the first week of free agency, big guys get the biggest offers and the quickest offers. So we were pretty prepared.”

On Pacer owner Herb Simon’s willingness to spend money to keep Hibbert and Hill in Indiana: “I give a lot of credit to Mr. Simon. He was fully prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure that we kept these two guys. We’re lucky to have him.”

On bidding on recently “amnestied” players: “That won’t be a reality for us.”

On rationale behind acquiring Ian Mahinmi: “When you go against the top teams — specifically in the East — you better have rim defenders. And we needed another rim defender. We felt like when Roy went out of the game, we didn’t have as much size. So we really needed some size.”

On the logic behind trading Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones for Mahinmi prior to signing DJ Augustin and Gerald Green:  “We had to do that to meet certain restrictions in using our cap space. We did it a little bit differently in that we had a pretty good feeling we were going to get a good point guard in DJ Augustin … We had been in contact with his agent. He was [a restricted free agent] but, just the way it shook out, we had a good feeling that we were going to be able to bring him in. So it looked backwards the way it was reported when in actuality it wasn’t like that.”

My take on that last part: It seems as though this was all one big mega-deal in the mind of the Pacers front office.

It sounds as though all the pieces looked like they were falling into place and three players that they had been targeting were all about to converge into their lap around the same time. And given the cap holds and other such realities (namely, the need to expedite getting ink to paper for Hibbert and Hill, most likely at their agents’ requests), the quickest and most certain way to ensure it all went down as it did was to do it as it happened. The time line of how the events were reported likely didn’t mirror the exact happenings in terms of phone calls and verbal agreements, but Pritchard and the Pacers’ front office saw the deal pretty simply: losing two low-salary players on expiring deals who weren’t part of the team’s long-term vision and acquiring two that were (Green and Mahinmi) while also grabbing one more to hopefully guarantee the team didn’t backslide in 2012-13 (Augustin).

Perhaps the franchise could have gotten more back from a Collison/Dahntay package if they manned the phones for another few days and played a few offers against one another. But by that time, all the other components of this multi-transition mega-deal may have either (a) evaporated (in the case of Green signing elsewhere), or (b) become less of a good fit (in the sense of employing Augustin not being really necessary if you retained DC because the demand wasn’t great or Green being superfluous if the best offer for Collison meant bringing back a different wing scorer who was more proven than Green).

Ultimately, based on what they ended up with, we can deduce that the Pacers front office wanted (or settled for) three things:

(1) A true reserve big man (unlike Lou Amundson who filled in admirably behind Hibbert last year after Jeff Foster retired but should never be confused with a center), who can play defense and finish at the rim. Based on that guy ultimately being Mahinmi, they seemed to want someone who will be very satisfied in a reserve role and could grow into that role over several years as an ancillary, but stable, piece of a young, improving team’s nucleus.

(2) a wing scorer to come off the bench

(3) a point guard who isn’t Darren Collison but is very much like Darren Collison

Whether or not those characteristics are what they should have targeted is certainly up for debate. Even more up for debate is whether the players they chose to fill them will work out.

But because the front office’s hand was never forced and they didn’t reach to overpay anyone that they may have been luke warm on just to say they did something this summer, it seems fair to say they got what they wanted. Unless there is something I don’t know about, they did not need to trade Collison. They certainly didn’t need to take a flier on Green. And it’s only because they did trade Collison that they needed the skills that Augustin brought to the table.

So, sure, Prtichard could be talking out his ear here and trying to cover for a move that will ultimately look silly in hindsight.

Perhaps they did just blow their valuation of Collison in the trade market. It’s overwhelmingly possible that they could have gotten a more talented player than Mahinmi in return for Collison if they held out longer. But since they got three guys that they clearly wanted within, as reported publicly, 24 hours, I think it is most reasonable to view these three acquisitions as one mega-deal that could have caved in upon itself had the front office not acted swiftly to ensure that all the component parts came together. It sounds to me like the franchise is viewing it as a “two men left, three came in” free-agency period.

So I’ll ultimately judge them on how that turns out more so than spending time trying to divine the objective value of Darren Collison on an expiring contract in an open trade market. (Although as John Hollinger has noted, the change from DC to DJ does mean that the Pacers have no Bird rights on Augustin if he has a breakout 2012-13 season, whereas they would have with Collison. So if Augustin does play well enough for them to want him to return, it will be more difficult to retain him.)

Lastly, for those wondering “what’s next?” for the Pacers in this free agency and the offseason trade period, its sounds like not much.

Pritchard on that: “There are all kinds of studies out there in the last four or five years that say one of the most important things is keeping your core together — allowing them to grow, allowing them to learn each other. And we feel like we accomplished that.”

While I agree with that sentiment and don’t think Pritchard is trying to be anything but genuine here, I think most of you can predict where this is headed.

“In management, your work is never done so you’re always looking [to improve]. But I don’t see a lot of moves coming in the near future.”

This is your offseason.

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  • PG

    Zack, I think it’s fairly obvious that IU Fan was referring to those who actually contributed to the Pacers team during the season and playoffs. Lance got some early minutes and spotty minutes late in the season but didn’t have any tangible impact on any important games and especially playoff games.

  • pete

    @AJ – your talking to the wrong guy I didn’t say anything about JR and Harden

  • Aj

    Found a really interesting piece of Gerald Green. Read the sidebars and tell me Frank Vogel wouldn’t be the perfect coach for this guy.

    Also, sorry pete. I meant to direct that towards Mossburg or whatever. He clearly doesn’t contribute as much as some of the rest of us so I just got it mixed up.

  • mossberg

    PETE sorry i meant harden in the (finals) and granger in miami. granger is past his prime. AJ- jr smith has a way better scoring ability than gerald green. gerald and jr are nothing alike. do you even watch basketball. just cuz there stats are similiar doesnt mean a thing. start watching basketball games not the espn highlight reels. gerald green has never averaged over 13pts a game on a shitty team. jr smith has plenty of times coming off a bench with a great denver nuggets team. check your facts b4 u make blind comments then try to make even worse comments on the people who correct you.

  • mossberg

    AJ- again david west didnt get more moeny from another team thats why he signed with us. seriously dude do you even know whats going on. i make stupid i wish this would happen comments but you, you make foolish comments that u try to back up with false facts and blind opinions. come on dude. if he wanted a ring at the time he would have taken less money to play for boston than take a huge contract to play for a team that got knocked outta the playoffs first round the year before. its not like dude is gonna come out and say well i joined the pacers cuz i wanted the most money i can get. its not like hes gonna say well the have some good players but i dont really think a championship is in the near future. AJ start going to games and watch them on tv and stop repeating everything you read on yahoo sports.

  • mossberg

    AJ i bet ur real identity is chris brousard isnt it?

  • Aj

    Okay Mossberg. I watched every game this year, repeat EVERY Game. I’ve also personally have met David West at a game. I’ve seen his body language on the court and how he carries himself. You’re an ass for thinking this is someone who only cares about money. You’re saying my facts are blind? How about you pull up some facts yourself. Too many times on this blog is it typical for people to just jump on here and start badmouthing people for honest opinions and don’t give anything to counter to it except say it was wrong. People like you make these blogs not fun.

  • Aj

    To Prove a point:

    New Orleans was willing to spend more money than Indiana to keep him and add more years, but he still chose Indiana why do you think that is?

    Gerald Green played in half as many games as J.R. Smith last year, yet Green had 1 more game with 20 or more points. They also split the number of times they had games with more than 18 min of playing time and less than 5 points I wasn’t saying he’s better than J.R. because J.R. to his credit had more consistency (if you want to call it that). But they are similar. And it would be harder to argue who is better since Gerald Green only played half this season. He does look better though considering he had better shooting averages all around and actually averaged more points than J.R this season.

  • gregor t.

    J.R. Smith was never going to sign a deal to play for the Pacers. So, i dont understand why this is even an arguement here. David West signed a 2yr-20mil contract to play for the Pacers. That’s hardly a huge deal. Didn’t Boston offer 2yr-18mil for West? In every interview i saw after he signed, West made a point to say he came to Indy because he thought it was a better long term move for himself and his family. If DWest thought he could win a ring in Boston, i doubt he is the kind of Man who would give up that chance just to make a few more millions. I don’t know Mr. West. I don’t know what he was thinking. What i do know is he chose Indiana because he said he Wanted to come here. I take the Man at his word. I hope he re-signs with the Pacers because, in my opinion, he is a perfect fit for the whole organization going forward. Just Saying.

  • gregor t.

    Uh, Moss? Trey Thompkins and Eric Bledsoe? Sorry pal, your credibility with me is gone. Although, i would love to hear your justification. Sell me, SEC style! Kentucky Mud!

  • bench mob



    lol ok i guess that lineup could keep pace with the Bobcats second unit… maybe.

  • pete

    @bench – you don’t think that’s better then Collison/Jones/Tyler/lou/barbosa??

  • Gerald

    I think those 5 could probably start for the Bobcats.

  • Aj

    @ Bench __ You realize those guys are only going to play 18-22 minutes a game right?

    @ Pete__ On paper, it’s way better. haha I’m afraid Collison going to have a break out season this year, and that would make the organization look bad. I was completely fine with the trade after awhile. I just hope it doesn’t bite us in the ass.

  • Derek U

    I’m quoting mossberg.

    “you make foolish comments that u try to back up with false facts and blind opinions.”

    Now I’m sitting back and laughing at this statement.

    You should slow down moss.. You make a couple good points, then shit all over yourself like a bad german sheister video. Proofread your statements before you hit that ‘submit’ button, it’s hard to take you seriously when you spew shit all over the blog.

    And honestly, this bench already has way more potential than last years bobcat squad outside of Kemba and Bismack.

  • Aj

    Thanks Derek. I don’t mind people calling me out. on the contrary, I enjoy it because that is what creates the discussion for which this blog is for. Not a bunch of trolling.

    I think DJ is going to facilitate our offense way better than DC did too.

  • The Original Evan

    I think until we see these new players play in the Pacers’ system all the points we’re making here are moot. Gerald green could be awful on a team that’s actually good. Same with Augustine. Maybe Mahimni gets boards on our squad… It’s all blind speculation that is really boring/annoying to read.

  • Mossberg aka skip bayless of 8pts9secs

    DEREK U- seriously? did u even read what i said or did you just look for the words u knew and put those together. i thought i provided enough facts as i could in my novel i wrote on here. dude i could give u stats and facts for days. AJ good for you on watching EVERY SINGLE GAME. try going to them and boost the low attendence record. if u cant afford to go to a game then u dont need to be on here blogging u need to be working. u can get tickets for 10 bucks from the guys outside. i went to school with josh mcroberts at carmel and played with him in gym class all the time… big whoop no one cares. i went to 90% of our home games and watched the rest on tv myself i missed a few due to work but not many. ur point is valid sir but why would david west go back to a rebuilding hornets team that at the time was overseen by some dwarf in a suit named david stern and that traded away or didnt sign most of the players he came up playing with. not speaking for him but i wouldnt want to go back to a team that gutted itself all because cp3 is a baby. as for what he said, not calling him a liar but do you believe everything an athlete says? if i signed for 10 mil a yr ill tell u whatever it is u want to hear. hopefully west will re-sign but i dont see it unless we make it deeper in the playoffs and improve as a team overall. if we bombed this season and went 30-52 or something i dont see him re-signing. AJ sorry to blast you as i did but jr smith is a talented player just has a bad attitude and all you are doing is comparing last seasons stats. besides from last year what has green done? hes been cut more times than numbers on jr smiths contract. green is a nice fill in player but not the scoring punch off the bench we need. here is my facts…..

    compare the stats and u will see green aint got shit on jr smith. look what jr did in china. the day gerald green drops 50 points in a game is the day i stop watching basketball. jr smith consistently averaged 12-15 points every year off the bench jr is a better passer, better in steals,better shooter, better dunker. plus jr smith did it all on better teams. green hadhis best season on a nets team that wasnt at all good. green couldnt even hold a roster spot on minnesota.

  • Mike

    And something tells me that DJA won’t be dribbling off his foot as time expires at the end of quarters either. How many times did DC do that over the past few seasons?

  • pete

    I agree that DJA is a MUCH better facilitator than DC was. No matter what DC does in Dallas it will basically be the same thing he did for the Pacers. I don’t see him changing much from last season.

    DJA stats weren’t much different the Collisons except he had more assists. This was also on the BOBCATS.. Imagine what he could do for the Pacers

  • Mossberg aka skip bayless of 8pts9secs

    gregor t- it would be my pleasure to share with you sir the facts on why i think its a good trade……
    now go look at those numbers and tell me you wouldnt want a passer like that on your bench. his turnovers are a lil high but shit lance had 7 in a summer league game. i think we have a good coaching staff that could really help bledsoe turn into a solid point guard. not to mention he played on a well coached kentucky team plus hes been learning from billups and paul.

    as for trey thompkins he is 6’10 245 power forward that hasnt had time to show his potential. i loved his game at georgia and thought he was a steal when the clippers got him. thompkins can shot the 3..not well but with the right coaching he might get there, he can block and steal, not the best rebounder but he can get in there and get some,not a bad passer for a big guy either. all that is based on what he did in college cuz of the fact he got no playing time behind griffin and evans last season.

    i would rather have him than jeff pendergraph. both bledsoe and thompkins have talent and if we traded hansbrough for those 2 it would fill out our roster and give us a solid passer. thompkins is a reach but i see alot of good things from bledsoe.
    heres my trey thompkins facts…..

  • Mike 2


    DJA did start for the bobcats last season, and it has yet to be seen if Bismack will be anything more than a younger Mahimni. The second unit got way more athletic this offseason, the only position that is not improved is point guard, but it remains to be seen if DC can really duplicate the “filling in for Chris Paul” numbers from a few years ago. Name a contender in the east who has a better bench at this point. Boston? Jason Terry does not a bench make. Chicago? they will lose or overpay Asik, who isn’t any better than Mahimni. They also will probably have to put Teague in the fire for the first half of the season while Rose is out. If he turns it over at Kentucky, what will he do against NBA competition? What bench do the nets or magic have? How about New York? The Pacer’s bench is in good shape and is 5 deep with rotation players (possibly deeper), unlike most teams who only play 8 guys. There is also actual potential on the bench as 3 of the 5 guys are still improving significantly (Stevenson, Green, Hansbourgh) and could be starting caliber players at some point in their careers. The Pacers were not that far off last year, being up 2-1 on the eventual champs; tweaking of the roster was what was needed and what we got. We will see this season if it pays off over a full 82. Go Pacers!

  • Mike 2

    Only the first sentence was for you Gerald, sorry not to make that more clear.

  • Mossberg aka skip bayless of 8pts9secs

    AJ i did like the article you posted about green. i hope im wrong and he continues to blossom as a player.

  • Mike 2

    @Evan – How will Gerald Green become a worse shooter / dunker on a good team? He is taking D Jones’s role of corner 3′s and pump-fake drives from the baseline. Green is a better shooter and slasher than Jones and more athletic. Jones also never really lived up to the “lockdown defender” tag that he had, as he didn’t guard Lebron or Dwade for long streches in the playoffs (if at all).
    - Similarly, how will DJA become a worse passer / lose his court vision by playing for a better team? His assists could go up as a function of being surronded by better shooters and more talented finishers. He also will not have the scoring burden that he had with the bobcats as their starting point, which means he can focus even more on getting others involved and knocking down threes off Lance’s drive and kicks.
    Finally, if you don’t like to read fan speculation/opinions then why are you on the comments thread of an offseason Pacer’s board? Come back during the season.

  • Jared Wade

    Keep it civil, gentleman, or go find another site to post on.

  • mossberg

    sorry mr. wade just having fun. its not everyday you get to have intense conversations with actual pacer fans.

  • Aj

    Hey, no foul, no problem. There’s no bad blood here. I enjoy the back and forth on this blog. This blog wouldn’t be as entertaining if it didn’t get heated from time to time.

  • mossberg

    @jared wade i noticed u edited my comment about david stern…sorry about that didnt mean for it to be offensive and will not do it again. thanks for the site and keep up the good work. i got a desk job and this site has kept me from being so bored at work and i can read your page while “working” at the same time lol. thanks again to u and the others who also contribute to the site.

  • Dwight Meredith

    It has been reported by Two man Game that Dallas signed OJ Mayo for two years at $4m per, the second year being a player option. If that is accurate, could the Pacers have signed him to a similar deal? Would you rather have OJ Mayo on those terms or Gerald Green on the terms for which Green signed? And Why?

    I ask because I am not sure.

  • pete

    I do know one thing everyone will agree on, and that is the dunk contest scheduled for the first day of camp between PG and Green. I can’t wait to see tape on that.

  • mossberg

    @pete never even thought about it but ya that would be awesome seeing how goerge was robbed in his dunk content debut. i give it to green he does having a great leaping ability. the more im looking into green the more i hope he helps us out. i feel bad for trashing him cuz hes trying to redeem himself and i love the passion he has to never give up. he may not be the player i was hoping for but after sitting down and reading about his love for the game and overall dedication hes putting into bettering himself im actually starting to like the dude and i really hope he finds a home here in indiana and does well. he may not be great but look what dahntay jones did…never was a scorer but came out in his first season as a pacer and his offense grew. ur right i think vogel is the perfect coach for green and hopefully with a solid team around him he will blossom into at least a nice role player to provide a spark off the bench.

  • Realist

    I am still annoyed that Paul George got robbed in the dunk contest.

  • Derek U

    Mossberg, you’re claiming in a previous thread that you’ve been watching the Pacers since I was in pampers, yet you claim to have gone to school with McRoberts who’s 4 weeks older than I am.. Learn to talk shit, and learn a thing about trades. I think you’d be surprised with Jeff Pendergraph if he had a chance to prove himself, guy has some raw offensive ability and tons of athletiscm.

    And you’re right about being the Skip of 8pts9seconds, as in I border line hate every point you make, and you don’t know shit.

    You shit on AJ for not watching any games, then he give him shit for not going to every game. We get it, you’re a hardcore super retarded pacer fan, possibly border line stalker.. Doesn’t give you the right to act like a harassing fucktard. You get the respect you deserve, which is none.

    And Dwight Meredith, I’d take OJ mayo in a heart beat to that deal compared to Green. People forget he averaged 18 points his rookie season, and was never a proper fit for the grizz, he’ll be uber productive for the Mavs.

    And yeah, PG was robbed in the dunk contest, Maybe if he landed the roy dunk on first/second attempt, along with landing the bird-sticker dunk.. the amount of attempts is what killed him.

  • The Original Evan

    I think we need a new article to discuss.

  • pete

    If you haven’t seen the Green windmill alley oop dunk from last year then you need to get on YouTube right now. That video is awesome.

  • Jack

    hahaha good points Derek

  • Jack

    and yeah.. we need a new article

  • mossberg

    DEREK U – im 29 and basketball has been a favorite of mine since i could walk(that and game shows lol). i still remember watching jordans 3 peat in the 90′s and just the other day rewatched the 2nd championship and 3rd in a row of the 2nd 3peat of the bulls and jazz just to refresh the memory. u act and sound like ur 10 thats why i made the comment i did. i was a senior when josh was a freshman. look it up in the 2001 carmel high yearbook, so will u just stop already. i dont care about ur comments . if i make myself look dumb then ur making urself look like a bigger jackass. like AJ said he watched every game. i took his word for it and told him to start going to them. end of story. same goes for you… quit ur crying and profane remarks. u dont like what i say then dont read it. plain and simple champ. i ssee alot of comments on here about how we need a solid passer and i see a solid passer in eric bledsoe. like i said in an earlier thread i also am a clippers fan. clippers dont really use him as much since getting billups and cp3. with griffin down they need another power forward ready to go in case blake cant. i dont think hansbrough fits with us and think he would be an asset to clippers as well as bledsoe an asset to us so why not do the deal plus adding a fresh trey thompkins who averaged only 5 mins last season but in those 5 he avg 2.4 points which in 20 mins would be 10pts(keeping the pace going of course) and thats about the same as hansbrough. it seems to me we are becoming more athletic and thompkins fits the scheme. what is with you and the stalker comments… it cuz i check the site alot because i would rather support and talk about my team online while im bored at work or because i support my team by actually going to there games? i think u made a comment on my grammer and run-on sentences……i didnt know i had to use proper english on the website when u use words like fucktard and u wonder why i made the comment about you in pampers. IF U DONT LIKE WHAT I SAY THEN DONT READ IT. u act like a child u get treated like one is a motto in my household.

  • mossberg

    ok i may get bashed for this one….lol but with the deal i just saw that JaVale Mcgeezy signed with denver does anyone esle feel we should have passed on hibbs and went for mcgeezy and mayo plus with the cash we would have saved on passing on hibbert still been able to snag DJA and do the collison deal. javale is uber athletic and great shot blocker. hes faster than hibbert as well. he averaged 11.3pts,7.8rebs,2.2blks compared to hibberts 12.8pts,8.8rebs,1.9blks. javale did his playing less time than hibbert as well. DEREK u said it mayo averaged 18pts for a griz team he didnt fit with. i think we would be a better team if we had done this. we got 1 roster spot open so in the tradition of having 3+ white guys on our team we should look into snagging brad miller,darko,birdman,jon leuer,greg stiemsma,brian scalabrine, rudy fernanadez,carlos delfino,marco bellinelli,Joel Przybilla, or even bring back good ol troy murphy. its a clearly an opinion so please dont hang me for this. im not trying to be racist at all so please no one take it that way.

  • Jack

    eww no moss

  • gregor t.

    JaVale certainly has talent and genetics on his side. However, His lack of maturity and low Bball I.Q. just don’t fit with what the Pacers are trying to build. He is a Me First type of player that Pacers fans (most of us, anyway) definitely would not like. If he grows up and learns the game, he could be real good. That’s a big if. The Pacers have 13 players on board at 65 mil, which is already over the cap. I doubt they sign anybody else, much less an old “white boy” like Brad Miller. Love the dude, but he is about to be sittin’ in a field with his own Mossberg, shootin’ birds not baskets!

  • gregor t.

    And Moss. A Clippers Fan? A Pacers Fan? You can’t be both. Pick a team! Clippers? Really? I reaffirm your lack of credibility. Get off the Bandwagon! Eric Bledsoe Don’t Surf!

  • gregor t.

    Didn’t Jeff Pendergraph have better numbers “PER 36″ than DeAndre Jordan? Moss? Listen, I am glad you go to games. Last Pacers home game i saw was Reggie’s final. My brother got Dr. Dunk’s autograph on his ticket stub. Go ahead, look him up. But don’t tell people they can’t be fans if they can’t make it to the Fieldhouse. I have seen the Pacers play in Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Memphis, Atlanta, Denver, Salt Lake, Sac-town, San Fran, and L.A. And when the Pacers come to Portland this year, i will be there. It’s a 10 hour drive from CCNV, where i live now. You picking up what i am putting down here? Mr. Clippers Fan? You bring McRoberts, I’ll bring Billy Shepherd. I do believe he is coaching my hometown team in Marion! No? Beers are on me!

  • Zack

    @ Mossberg – The Nuggets would have matched any offer for McGee. He actually signed for more $ per year than I thought he would (the original offer was 5 yr/$50 mil). But no, whatever the Pacers would have offered (up to the max), the Nuggets would have matched. No way they trade Nene for a half season “rental” of McGee. He was going to resign with the Pacers.

    @ gregor t – You can certainly be a fan of more than one team. I root for the Pacers, but am also a huge fan of the Nuggets.

  • Derek U

    I use works like fucktard, cause I’m trying to be nice, and bring it down to your level. If you used some punctuation, spacing, and hit the damn enter button to form a paragraph, I’d probably shit on you less. You’re not a complete idiot; like I said, you make some valuable points, But then shit all over yourself in explicable fashion.

    and if you’re bored at work, maybe you should try doing your job??

    The nuggets would have signed any off made towards McGee. I’ve always liked him, but his maturity was a huge issue in washington with a team full of young talent, and likely wouldn’t fly here.

    On the issue of “white guys” would love Brad Miller back. Team should never have go of him. That and Rudy Fernendez is the shit! Dude is atheltic, has hops, and can shoot. He’s young, makes some mistakes, but I’d take him off the bench then who we have currently. Unfortunately I believe he’s going back to Europe to play ball where he’ll be treated like an all-star.

    And Gregor, you can’ be a fan of multiple teams man.. I’ve admired the Thunder since they moved to Oklahoma, class organization, class players, class coaching.. Just a hell of a team. But I only wear one jersey.

    Also Gregor, love Jeff Pendergraph! If he didn’t blow a knee in portland, he’d probably would never have been cut. Guy is really atheltic, and can score! If Tyler were to ever go down again, I’d love to see him get 15-20 minutes a game and prove some doubters wrong *cough* MOSS *cough*. He should be 100% healthy at this point, and ready to run the floor.

  • Derek U

    Listen moss. You start forming paragraphs with a little more punctuation, not out of respect for us, but for youself, and stop tossing out hilarious trade scenarios for players your obviously homers for, we (maybe just me) as a community will quit dumping on you. You make yourself an easy target when you post a super long paragraph that should honestly be broken down to about 6-7 valid paragraphs. You do this, and I’ll call a truce.

    And sorry for my last paragraph guys, It’s taken 2 hours to wake up and still feeling down. off should be offers, “he’d probably have never been cut”* is what I was going for.

    The Pacers need to generate some news, this thread is getting old.
    Just waiting for October…. when 2k13 releases -_- Need that roster update son!

  • Zack

    @ Derek U – Definitely looking forward to the new NBA 2k game, just like every year. I’m thinking, as long as the Rockets keep all those rookies (aka. Lamb, White, Jones) I may just have to start a franchise as them.

  • adam

    so is safe to assume nba2k12 has seen it’s last update? 2k12 was the first basketball game i bought since NBA live 05 (coincidentally around the same time as the Pacers last playoff run) so I’m not schooled on how long they continue to update.

    On a side note, great to see the passion in the Pacers community.

  • adam

    Mr. 100