It's Official: Hibbert and Hill Are Back

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  • NoLookPass

    Like both players but knowing that we owe them around 100 million stings a bit when I notice they have a 21 PPG career average combined.

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  • Marcus

    if we have a lil money under the cap try to bit on Free agent OJ MAYO he would be a good pick up or trade hansbrough for a pure Power Forward 6 11 who close out the basket. Thunder is over the luxuary tax so somebody will have to cut to save cap space. Maybe pick up cook from the Thunder. Just a idea. But please resigning David West is the next big prior.

  • gregor t.

    If the Pacers brass are true to there word of keeping the Core together, resigning D.West should be there next priority. He is a great fit for the team going forward.